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Site title is the core of a website, it highlights the soul of the entire site. In the internet so long, often listen to the webmaster friends around the site after changing the title of the drop or fluctuations, so less than the last resort, webmasters will not arbitrarily change the title of the site. Once the webmaster changes the title, especially the homepage title, the search engine will think that its content has also undergone significant changes, ranking decline or fluctuations are inevitable. This is very good understanding, such as doing shopping station suddenly changed the title to SEO site, absolute irrelevant, user experience will be very poor, ranking does not fall to blame. So, the search engine's practice is also worth understanding. So want to regain the ranking is needed time, if in this period of time frequently modify the title of the site, the right to decline is inevitable, by K also very likely OH. Couple SEO optimization bo main eggs need to remind everyone: do not frequent drastic changes to the site title, a row. But more often, we need to change the title of the site, this time things really many, the author of their blog to change the title after that thing and everyone long-winded long-winded.

 Homepage title modification, snapshot stay

Construction station for 3 months, the author's blog title has been modified 3 times, the small number of changes are not clear. Just started to build the station one months time, the site weight is very low, modify the title after the serious problem: home snapshots stay for 2 weeks. And the occurrence of the site and domain snapshots are not synchronized; wait until the third month I changed the title again, the snapshot stayed for 4 days. But fortunately, the internal page snapshots are often updated, thanks to the author of a daily high-quality original articles and soft text. The author will write high quality article content as well as soft text after changing the title, which can minimize the effect of modifying the title.

 Inside page title modification, Inner page update slow, long tail no rank

The author's blog inside the page title form-Article name Blog name, so modify the first page title, the inner page of all the titles also changed. Google's crawling replacement speed, about one weeks on the full update of the inner page, but Baidu to now one months, there are a lot of content has not been updated. You can look at my inner pages, there are several forms, because the title has not been completely updated after the change, and the most serious problem after the title of the page is Baidu Long tail keyword ranking is not, in fact, good understanding. Baidu to now has not completely updated the inside page, talk about the weight of the page, and how to rank? So the flow of this blog has caused a lot of loss, alas, this is the most painful thing.

 Home key keywords ranking instability (down)

The author of Hangzhou SEO ranking in the revision of the title has been in the 2nd place, the revision of the title of one weeks after Baidu fell to the 3rd, the night rank sometimes to 4th, 6th bit, 9th bit, etc. (seemingly Baidu daytime and night algorithm is not the same) ... Luckily, the first page was not dropped. But after one weeks to return to normal, Baidu for the site is relatively high weight of the station is still very good.

  Headline highlighting keyword ranking rise

The author has a few keywords: Baidu optimization, Baidu promotion, Baidu rankings in the revision of the title 2 weeks after the rise of the ranking phenomenon, which with the author in the title highlighted such keywords are inseparable. It also reflects the importance of site headings for keyword rankings. And for Web sites with high weights, Baidu will also get a better ranking for participle.

The above 3 kinds of situations are big move site title appears, during the author has many times the title of the website, ranking no obvious changes, so the little little relationship. The author in person to amend the title as an example to give you detailed instructions to modify the site title after that, from the changes in the title of the blog we want to understand: the title is very important for the keyword rankings, high-quality original site content is to ensure the basis of the site weight. This article address:, Welcome to Exchange corrections!

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