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I'm glad to have won the MVP. This is my first MVP.

At a.m., I opened my mailbox and received an email with speculation. Unfortunately, I didn't. But when I subconsciously came to the garden, I saw my post on the old bag. I am honored to be awarded this title. at that time, the mood was very calm, because the house that had recently lived began to be decorated, so the national day became a package member's 7-day life. during the time when I went downstairs to exit the beer bottle, I thought about it for a while in the community.

Some netizens commented on the MVP award in the old pack post. I don't know why others have won the MVP. but I know that if you think about what MVPs can bring to you, you will never succeed. it can be said that MVP is the end point of a person and a new start point of a person. MVP is a platform that can bring you a lot of resources and you need to constantly make your due contribution.

As long as you write something, do some research, and share your knowledge, you will find that many people will pay attention to you.
After obtaining the MVP, you should think about how to realize the ideal of life and summarize and analyze the success of others.

An MVP won't change a person's original technical capabilities. Only by constantly learning can he make real progress.

Finally, I am very grateful to you !!
Thanks to Dudu and Zhang Xin for their suggestions. (what makes me remember the most is what old Ge said: "To recommend a person to become an MVP, the recommender should be guaranteed by himself. in addition to believing that the recommender has this ability, he also believes in the quality of the recommender. so, thank you very much for your recommendation. ")
Thank you, Lao Huang. We are glad to be able to get it with you.
Thank you for your support.

Author: FENG (appleseeker)
Date: 2008-10-01

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