After running the BIOS Secure Erase feature or the ThinkPad Drive Erase utility, it is possible to restore data on the Toshiba solid-state Drive

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Failure phenomenon:
Lenovo Security Bulletin: LEN-9458
Potential impact: After running the Security cleanup utility, it is possible to recover drive data.
Severity: Medium
Impact Range: Lenovo-specific products
Summary description:
The Toshiba firmware used to clear the data on the following SSD does not conform to the Lenovo specification and is now determined to run the ThinkPad Drive Erase utility or perform a secure in the BIOS that is used to reset the encryption key and purge the solid-state drive After the erase feature, it is still possible to recover data on the affected Toshiba drives under certain conditions. For example, a hacker needs to get an unwanted SSD object and learn how to recover data from it.
To address this issue, Toshiba has launched a variety of firmware fixes offered by Lenovo through the links below.

What measures should be taken to protect themselves:
Please press the link below to update the SSD firmware.
Please note: There is no guarantee that SSD purchased by Lenovo can be used in conjunction with these tools.
To determine your disk drive model in Microsoft Windows, enter Device Manager in the Windows search box to go to Device Manager, and then expand the arrow next to disk drive.
Product Impact:
Toshiba model
Lenovo Part Number
Lenovo products that may have arrived with these models
Minimum repair version
Update links
Toshiba HG6 Series
Toshiba HG6 2.5 "128 GB THNSNJ128GCSU
ThinkCentre M6500
Toshiba HG6 2.5 "256 GB Non-opal THNSNJ256GCSU
ThinkCentre M83/m83 Tiny
Toshiba HG6 2.5 "GB THNSNJ512GCSU
Toshiba HG6 msata 128 GB THNSNJ128GMCU
ThinkPad 11e/11e Chromebook
Toshiba HG6 msata 256 GB THNSNJ256GMCU
ThinkPad e560p
Toshiba HG6 msata GB THNSNJ512GMCU
ThinkPad Edge e440/e540
Toshiba HG6 m.2 128 GB Thnsnj128gdnu
ThinkPad Helix
Toshiba HG6 m.2 256 GB non-opal thnsnj256gdnu
ThinkPad l440/l450/l460/l540/l560
Toshiba HG6 m.2 GB thnsnj128gdnu
ThinkPad P50/P50S/P70
Toshiba hg6z 2.5 "128GB Thnsnj128gcsy
ThinkPad S1 Yoga 12
Toshiba hg6z 2.5 "512GB Thnsnj512gcsy
ThinkPad S3/S3 Yoga 14/s3-s440
Toshiba hg6z m.2 128GB Thnsnj128gcsy
ThinkPad S5/S5-S540/S5 Yoga 15
Toshiba hg6z m.2 512GB Thnsnj512gcsy
ThinkPad t440/t440p/t440s
ThinkPad t450/t450s
ThinkPad t460/t460p/t460s
ThinkPad t540p/t550/t560
ThinkPad w540/w550s
ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen
ThinkPad x240/x240s/x250/x260
ThinkPad Yoga 11e/11e Chromebook
ThinkPad Yoga 14
ThinkPad Yoga 460
Thinkstation C30
Thinkstation D30
Thinkstation E32
Thinkstation p300/p500/p700/p900
Thinkstation S30
Toshiba XG3 Series
Toshiba XG3 2.5 "sata-express NVMe 256GB THNSF5256GCJ7
ThinkPad e560p
Toshiba XG3 2.5 "sata-express NVMe 128GB THNSN5512GCJ7
ThinkPad P50/P50S/P70
Toshiba xg3-512gb m.2 PCIe nvme thnsn5512gpu7
ThinkPad S1 (2nd Generation)
Toshiba m.2 PCIe XG3-128GB PCIe NVMe
ThinkPad S5
Toshiba xg3-256gb m.2 PCIe nvme thnsn5256gpu7
ThinkPad t460/t460p/t460s
Toshiba xg3-1024gb m.2 PCIe nvme thnsn51t02du7
ThinkPad T560
ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th Generation
ThinkPad X1 Tablet
ThinkPad X1 Yoga
ThinkPad X260
ThinkPad Yoga 260
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For the latest information, please pay attention to Lenovo's updates and announcements about your equipment and software. The information in this bulletin is provided "as is" and we do not guarantee any content. Lenovo reserves the right to change or update the notice at any time.

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