After two hosts build MySQL master-slave replication, show slave status shows: Last_io_error:error Connecting to master ...

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After two hosts A and B build the MySQL master-slave copy relationship (A is master,b to slave), the show slave status is executed on slave, and the results show last_io_error:error connecting to Master ' [ Email protected]:3306 ' ...

First, look at the error log file for B, and find the following error:

ERROR] Slave I/o: Error connecting to master ' [email protected]:3306 '-retry-time:60 retries:2, error_code:1045

Then use Perror to view the error code obtained from the previous section:

Perror 1045

Output: MySQL error code 1045 (er_access_denied_error): ACCESS DENIED for user '%-.48s ' @ '%-.64s ' (using password:%s)

Is there a problem with the duplicate account?? First verify that the replication user account exists and that the correct permissions are assigned on a

 mysql> show grants for ' usvr_replication ' @ '% ';
+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------+
| Grants for [email protected]%                         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                                 |
+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------+
| GRANT REPLICATION SLAVE on *. * to ' usvr_replication ' @ '% ' identified by PASSWORD ' * f4039654d0afd80bb0a7775938efd47acb809529 ' |
+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------+
1 row in Set (0.00 sec)

Found no problem!

Then, try using the account from B to connect to a:


Enter the password of the set after the return, not connected!!! Input again, not connected!!!

It seems that the problem is here, careful examination, the original password is wrong!

Try rebuilding the replication relationship with the correct password:

Execute on B:

Mysql>stop slave;
Mysql>researt slave;
Mysql>change Master to Master_host = ' VMS00782 ',
Master_user = ' Replication ',
Master_password = ' [email protected] ',
Master_port = 3306,
Master_log_file = ' vms00782-bin.000001 ',
Master_log_pos = 120;
Mysql>start slave;
mysql>show slave status;

Everything is OK!!!

Several issues to be aware of:

Use the original password instead of the hashed password in the Master_password section of the change master to statement.

Note When viewing the error log file at the first time, you can use the Perror tool to view specific errors based on the error code.

Several other FAQs:

MySQL does not start: First look at the error log file prompts for the error, based on the error to find the reason, see the configuration file data directory, such as the correct configuration, check the MySQL related directory is the owner and the group is correct; see if there are mysqld processes that were not properly closed before are still running.

MySQL is unable to connect: first see if the mysqld process started correctly, and then see if the connection string provided is correct.


After two hosts build MySQL master-slave replication, show slave status shows: Last_io_error:error Connecting to master ...

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