Agileeas. NET platform video conference training series I-Introduction to agileeas. NET platform and SaaS construction drills for drug Systems

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    • I. agileeas. Net 5.0 notice
I. agileeas. Net 5.0 notice

Recently busy preparing for agileeas. net 5.0, so I was too busy to share with you about agileeas. NET platform and related rapid development technologies, agileeas. net 5.0 is a specific milestone version. If version 4.0 is the first commercial version since I started my business, the 5.0 version is a complete enterprise-level application solution.

Based on analyticdb 5.0, analyticdb 4.0 adds form/interface designer, workflow system, and enterprise-level application support for Silverlight technology. It also enhances agileeas. the net platform supports the SOA/SaaS technology, and the improvement of version 5.0 adds a group of Multi-tenant application construction technologies and management tools.

2. Is agileeas. net easy to use?

Agileeas. NET platform, If we better solve the problem of "how to improve the effective production efficiency of software enterprises", we provide small and medium-sized software enterprises with a combination of software pot process, R & D management, and technical system.

The Development and Management Solution of a small and medium-sized software enterprise is based on Agile parallel development method and agileeas. NET platform for the process practice and guidance, with agilepm. NET provides the project management tools to help small and medium-sized software to deliver superior performance in terms of development technology, software engineering, technical architecture, and management tools.

That is, agileeas. the net platform is neither an MDA Platform nor a trigger to solve all problems, based on Software engineering practices, we provide a series of methods and practices, a process improvement system, a rapid development platform based on plug-ins and Component Reuse Technology, and related auxiliary tools for rapid development, the software R & D team's comprehensive capabilities in terms of technology and management should be provided as much as possible, but it is not for you to collect all the tools. After all, the software is just a job, and the project requires the efforts of R & D personnel, at least need to be generated in quick developmentCode.

Agileeas. NET platform is built based on such a model, so there will inevitably be a problem product, agileeas. the entry threshold for the net platform will be a little high, because agileeas. NET platform covers many technical points. Although we are trying to simplify it, there is a limit to use agileeas. NET platform development, it is necessary to learn IOC, Orm, plug-ins, communication, architecture and many other aspects of knowledge.

Then, use agileeas. NET development requires some time to learn, at least to read relevant articles and cases, many friends always want to get it in the morning, and then ask me, what is this, I am sorry about how to configure it. I believe it is difficult. If you are such a developer, I suggest you stop using agileeas. net idea.

3. Why does video conferencing training be used?

Previously, I released a project based on agileeas. NET platform and a small application that uses the SOA/SaaS solution. Many friends download the application but don't know how to configure it. Before that, I wrote agileeas. NET platform development example-pharmacy system-quick SaaS development experience, open-source pharmacy management system using SaaS structure technology-how to deploy this SOA/SaaS structure by yourself online trial and downloadSource codeHowever, I am sorry for the subsequent configuration process. It may be that our configuration guidance and documentation are not so clear and complete. During the last week's communication with you on QQ, A friend suggested that you could perform online video training and discuss how to implement the solution. The first training was originally scheduled on Sunday evening, I tried to use live meeting, but it was not successful. My customers are also my friends.Lanzhou Zhiwei TechnologyWe have provided online training for Video Conferencing Systems.

I believe that online video conferencing training must be better than step-by-step training based on documents. You can build a drug system step by step based on videos.

Iv. Content of this video conference training

The online video conference training originally scheduled last night mainly introduced agileeas to you. NET platform and how to build a pharmacy management system based on the SOA/SaaS model. The planned time is about one hour, but it is obviously beyond this time. Sorry, this is why I didn't arrange it, the video training effect is quite good, but it just seems that the video and audio are a little out of sync. Another tragedy is that we can be too excited at the beginning, as a result, you forgot to enable the screen recording. I started recording my thoughts after the introduction of the net platform. There are some tragedies.

I have uploaded the video and PPT for this video conference training to the 115 online storage. Please download and watch the video. Mandarin is so bad that you can endure it.

: Http://

Download PPT: application development practices on the agileeas. NET platform

5. platform release and download

For the latest version of the PlatformProgramCollection, class library manual, related information, please refer to the official website of agileeas. NET platform.

6. How to contact

If you have any questions about using the agileeas. NET development platform, use the following contact methods or communication methods.

1. Official Website:

Agileeas. NET platform:

Agile Software Engineering Laboratory:

2,Agileeas. NET platformCommunication Group:

Communication Group on the agileeas. NET platform: 120661978 (super group) [New]
Communication Group on the agileeas. NET platform: 125643764 (advanced group) [New]
Communication Group on the agileeas. NET platform: 147168308 (advanced group) [New]

3. System Architecture exchange group:

System Architecture Communication Group: 9105332 (advanced group) (full)
System Architecture Communication Group 1: 124825459 (advanced group) (full)
System Architecture Communication Group 2: 49124441 (advanced group) (full)
System Architecture Communication Group 3: 47025564 (advanced group) (full)

Link Enterprise-level agile software development platform based on DOTNET component technology-agileeas. Net-document summary and Learning Guide

developed step by step series on the agileeas. NET platform-pharmacy system-index

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