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1. Usually people dream at night, so we turn the main hue into cyan and lime green.

2, at the same time, the layout of the time to a complete atmosphere, giving people feel like telling a story.

3, in the operation of the font, trees, branches, leaves, peaks, moon, canvas, please add a group to modify.

4, this article covers the material and the final PSD source files. Please install the fonts after downloading.

5, the use of the AI and PS are in English version, create a 3D font part is relatively simple, say is also directly in Chinese version of the AI do, I believe you can also ~ if your PS is cc and for the Chinese version, may be changed to English version in this study will be easier to operate a point:

Open your PS cc installation folder and set fan to localeszh_cnsupport files, such as mine is G:psccadobe Photoshop cc (Bit) localeszh_cnsupport files, Here you will see a tw10428.dat file, rename it (for example, change it directly to Tw10428.dat rename), and do not delete it. Restart PS is the English version of the. To change back to the Chinese version of the goods to change the suffix back is:

Attached: God horse? Do you forget where you installed your software and how do you find the path? In the beginning of the menu bar always have her figure! Or is there a shortcut to her on the table? Click "Start" to find the software (or right-click on the desktop's PS shortcut), right click on PS cc software to select "Open File Location", Don't hesitate to swish a few more you will find the path.

First, create 3D fonts

Open the AI, create a new canvas, type an uppercase "D" word, and use the font storybook inside the material. The font color is set to #4c3f38.

Now to create the 3D effect. Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel, set as follows:

You are free to adjust the font angle, lighting and other elements.

Once you have finished the 3D settings for the first font, the font settings are easy to create and adjust the position.

Now open your PS, create a new canvas, I choose 6300*4500px,300ppi. The background color is set to #17151d.

One by one copy (Ctl+c) just in the AI do the font "dream" paste (ctl+v) to PS inside. Remember, when copying in, select "Smart objects" to make it easier for us to change the size.

Adjusts the order and position layout of each font in the canvas.

Now we're going to add a style to each font. Use the Magic wand or quick selection tool or pen tool and so on to select the upper surface of the font (below) The right mouse button to choose Add path, tolerance write 1.5.

Now that we have a working path, we need to populate it with a color. Layer > New fill Layer > Solid Color, filled with white. The layers panel produces a new vector shape color Fill1. Double-click the layer to add a bevel and embossed layer style to the following figure. Remember that the highlight color is #94aa53, and the color of the shadow is #6c6f64.

Now we have to create a pattern to cover the top of each font. With AI open seamless swirls, adjust the color of the pattern for #94aa52, create a new 235*235px in the PS canvas, the background color for the #ebe77f, copy the AI in the design, Edit > Define pattern Production patterns.

Create a pattern, double-click the white vector shape, add the layer style "pattern overlay" (is not instantly feel handsome):

The final point is to add a color overlay adjustment layer to the font. Ctrl-click the font layer to make sure that the layer is selected, Layer > New adjustment Layer > Gradient map creates layers in the following figure (color from left to right d8c67f, 94aa53 (position 70%), 262628 (position 90%), and 141416, remember to check the gradient of the reverse marquee!) :

Place the layer between the font and the shape layer, alt-click the line between the gradient layer and the font layer to create the clipping mask:

Repeat the previous steps for the following font effects:

Second, draw the scene

After the font is finished, the tree branches are next.

Select the Brush tool, set as follows:

It should be noted here that our brush fade (Fade) can be adjusted when drawing tree branches. This refers to the end part of the brush's tail. The larger the value, the longer it takes for the brush to extend over the canvas, and the longer it will take to retire. For example, when I draw the main trunk, I need a shorter brush, set the fade value of 100, I draw the branch of the need to have a more elongated tail so I set the fade value to 150, and when I want to spend the details I will choose 250 of the fade value. Combining fade and brush thickness can be a good way to draw trees.

Draw all the trees with the brush tool continuously and draw the roots. Adjust the brush thickness and fade value (F5) to make a reasonable scene according to your own wishes.

The next step is to draw the leaves. Select the Brush tool press F5 to set the brush properties as follows:

The largest layer of leaves with color #94aa53, the middle layer with #55612f, fade to the scene color with #94aa53, the last layer with #e3e07d.

Now let's draw the mountains and the moon! They make the scene look deeper and more intimidating. Use the Pen tool (P) to select the shape options.

Create a new layer at the bottom of all layers and sketch a mountain with the pen tool. When I'm done, I right-click to select a new selection and paint it with a gradient. The left side of the gradient is the background color of the canvas and the lighter color on the right.

Next I drew a moon with a big brush tool and gave it a light. The hardness of the pen is properly lowered when the light is given (I am transferred to 50%). Move the light one layer under the moon. (You can also create a glowing effect directly on the moon layer by adding an outer glow blending mode.) Move the combination of the moons below the peak combination.

Some observant people will consciously add shadows to the trees.

Last part

In order to create this strong artistic atmosphere, we put the texture in the material as a new layer on top of all layers. Adjust the overlay mode and opacity of the layer as follows:

Now you need to transpose the image (Ctrl+i) and then perform image > Adjustments > Hue and Saturation. The data is set according to the following figure.

The final step is to import your misty canvas or brush to the peaks and the moon, and adjust their superposition and opacity to make the atmosphere a foggy effect. This material please do not wait here to provide, I believe every designer will have ~ You can also directly use the above step of the pattern material here to adjust.

In the end you see your work: Maybe you like other styles? Try a more perfect fantasy style.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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