Ali Mother Vice President Jiangzhijiang talk about how small and medium Web site to achieve profitability

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Jiangzhijiang joined Alibaba Group in May 2007 as a vice president of the Group, responsible for the group's media sales in the country. He is committed to the integration of corporate media advertising marketing resources, so as to provide advertisers with integrated innovative services.

Mr. Jiang in the field of Internet experience rich, has successively in Acer's Acer Network group, Yahoo and other companies such as Qi Mo and NetEase as senior positions in E-commerce, advertising sales and marketing services planning and other areas of innovation, outstanding performance. In recent years, he actively advocated integrated network marketing services, from a full media perspective to bring forward the new ideas to lead the market trend. Before joining the Internet field, Mr. Jiang served in Taiwan and the Communications Group.

As a result of the senior experience in the field of network marketing, Mr. Jiang has three consecutive years as the committee of final judges of China Network advertising competition. 2005, 2006 consecutive years as the international well-known digital marketing Ad-tech China seminar speakers. In addition, Mr. Jiang 2006 was "new Marketing" magazine as "the annual 20 major marketing signs", and in 2006 and 2007 by the "Successful Marketing" magazine selected as "Impact on China's 100 marketing people." 2007, Mr. Jiang became a senior advisor to the Interactive Network Committee of the China Advertising Association.

Mr. Jiang graduated from Taiwan Jiaotong University in 1992 and received a bachelor's degree in Management science.

Jiangzhijiang in the speech to share how to find the experience of the brand advertisers.

Jiangzhijiang: I think some friends might know about the advertising industry, some friends will not know, so we still tell you about the advertising industry value and ecological chain, basically advertisers put ads if the network industry to say, first of all it will have their own agents, may be the agents involved in marketing strategy planning, Or to the media agency, directly into a platform like ours, but the site must have a very good advertising technology, before the ads can be delivered to the network users, advertising for the agent is still very high, about 70% to 80%, in the operating network advertising business is not the case, This income is from the agent.

Jiangzhijiang: In addition, regardless of the size of the webmaster, if you are a little older, have the qualifications of the company, you want to operate network advertising must have these conditions, the first to have the quality of advertising sales, the second advertising system, in the end is their own development or spend money to buy, good advertising system may cost a lot of money, Another is the need to have a contact with advertisers advertising sales team, this is not only to have advertising sales staff, but also have planning, operations, research, design ideas and recommended to advertisers and other functions. In fact, to advertise the business is very difficult. Educational agents and educational advertisers, especially as a relatively new network media, are in need of a process also need to have a business signed business process, if advertisers once launched, need to have a very complete professional assessment, assessment and reporting system is actually a higher requirement, start business, Advertisers will keep asking you: "How can I expand my consumer, and how to interact with my users more deeply?"

Jiangzhijiang: In addition, you need to understand what the advertisers will consider when they launch. First, if from the form, we can see from the big screen, the main advertising situation is basically a picture-style advertising, we see in addition to the yellow paid search ads and text ads, Other brands: Video ads are belong to the picture ads and so on, this part is still accounted for a larger part, this basic also echoes the front of the network advertising market potential phenomenon. Another part of the Advertiser in the launch, will consider the price budget and the media's user attributes, as well as the media and product relevance. This media can cover the population, the geographical range and so on factors. So in fact, in so many different challenges inside, Ali mother we believe that through the webmaster and Ali mother cooperation, we can help you open another door.

Jiangzhijiang: Back to "long tail" if everyone isolated combat is very difficult to play a role, I think through aggregation can reach the stability of advertising exposure, the second website content is basically aggregated, can make up for large ads in the short version of the content. Another thing that I personally value most is Ali's mother, one of the biggest challenges, we sit together, or we work with us, we are not simply placed on the platform, but to establish an aggregation of standards, which comes from our input to technology, whether it is a variety of inputs, Our understanding of the content properties of the Web, to the mastery of the crowd, how to grasp the characteristics of the crowd to understand the consumer's understanding, we have to establish such a standard, the other is for advertisers, we how to help you to make money on the one hand, advertisers we create a cost-effective higher standards, But also the precise characteristic. Here I would like to ask the webmaster has and Ali mother cooperation how many people? There should be one-third to one-second of the proportion, I think there may be a lot of stationmaster has not and Ali mother cooperation, then, if already started cooperation, also hope that the webmaster to cooperate with us, A number of important points to cooperate with: the first since the beginning of the alliance, I would like to cheat, brush flow is the main problem of advertisers, in this case, I know that everyone to the flow of the request, we have all kinds of promotion in fact, but in these we want to remind you, we want to do a good faith website, Wait a minute, I'll introduce a very important product, this part in fact we will have some problems in this area of traffic to shield off, Ali mother is by Yahoo in the international more advanced anti cheating technology, the second actually joined Ali mother is to post ads, we can look, if you are advertisers, What kind of ads would you buy? We look to the left, or to the right side of the ads, which one would you buy? I think the answer is very clear, is that advertisers can appear in a relatively clean environment, the effect of a better page. In addition, advertisers are actually doing marketing, the first question to ask is who is my target audience? What kind of target audience can you give me? So everyone's website whether the advertisers through the way of independent trading to buy your site, or through Ali mother introduced the new product to say, In fact, the webmaster for their own user group or to have some understanding, of course, in this part of your users know the limited words, Ali mother and the country's most authoritative research agencies, we will be aggregated by the flow and user attributes to find out.

Jiangzhijiang: In addition, although we have just been talking about polymerization, aggregation can solve your flow of instability, but there is a very large source is through the independent trading platform to do the transaction, this part of the stability of the traffic is still to be concerned about, So you look at the left and the right side of the site, blue is the flow of traffic fluctuations, you are advertisers you will be placed on the site above. Pricing is a more complex learning, you in advertising pricing, I hope you can consider these factors, the first day of your site on the average number of independent visitors? Where is the advertising position and what is the pricing for the same type of site as you? Finally, please refer to Ali's mother to the pricing. If can be better in with Ali mother cooperation with these conditions, I want to profit the possibility of a step forward.

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