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1, how to change the name on the Ali Wangwang?

You can update your data in the following ways: Click on the Ali Wangwang main window your avatar in the pop-up window to modify your profile, such as name, sex, occupation, and so on, and then click the "OK" button to:

Ali Wangwang Page

2, Ali Wangwang signature help to promote

Ali Wangwang signature, can help you better network promotion, even if you are not online, as long as you set up a personalized signature, then add your friends to the other contact list can display your slogan, such as "New listing, please pay attention!", "end of the single sale, limited to buy!"

The specific steps are as follows (take the 09 version of Ali Wangwang as an example):

1, Login Ali Wangwang;

2, at the top of the Ali Wangwang interface to find "point this input character signature", the mouse click the typeface, "point this input character signature" position input text, request 32 text;

Ali Wangwang Page-1

3, in the position of the signature of the personality, you can set up as the company's discount promotional advertising language, such as "Discount sales-08 Winter clothing tail Single sale", can also be set up as the company's core product information, such as "the company's core products: ol women, Ruili Women's version.

Ali Wangwang Page-2

3, how do I add Ali wangwang contact person?

Ali Wangwang Page-1

Click Next, in the filtered list of contacts, select the contact person, click the Add as Contact button:

Ali Wangwang Page-2

Select the group to which you want to categorize the contacts and click OK:

Ali Wangwang Page-3

The contact you add will receive a system message informing him that you have added him as a contact person.

Method Two, Accurate search: Enter each other member name search.

Select the type of account you want to search, enter your partner's name, click Next, and the following figure:

Ali Wangwang Page-4

Other action steps are the same as method one.

Method Three, Fuzzy lookup: According to the name you entered, attention to information for Fuzzy Lookup.

Enter the name of the other person or the attention information, and click Next button:

Ali Wangwang Page-5

Other action steps are the same as method one.

4, how to export chat records to do save?

You can export your contact chat record by following these steps:

1. In the contact point you want to export the chat record contact person, right click, in the right-click menu, select "View chat Record"-"view local chat record"

2. Click the "Export" button at the top right of the history Chat record window, in the pop-up box (shown below), select the start and end times you want, and the type of message, as determined

Ali Wangwang Page-1

3, select the path and save the type, press "save" can be. Currently save type can be selected. WMD,. TXT,.MHT three formats

Note:. WMD support chat record import,. txt and. mht format does not support chat record import

My Computer page

Import a contact chat record as follows:

1. In the contact point you want to import the chat record contact person, right click, in the Right button menu select "View chat record";

2. Click the "Import" button at the top of the History window to select a previously saved chat record (file with a. WMD suffix) and press "open" to find the path.

5. How to cancel the message reminding sound of Wang Wang

The following steps are set:

1. You can login to Ali Wangwang, click on the main menu label;

Ali Wangwang Page-1

2. Select system settings, on the Open Chat Settings page, you can for the type of alert to the setting of sound prompts;

Ali Wangwang Page-2

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