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Function One: Edit card

In Ali Wangwang contact list, when the mouse hovers over the contact, it automatically displays the member name and status of the contact, and clicking the Amoy avatar displays the contact card and expands its contact information. Contact card is a floating picture, similar to personal business cards, the "summary", "credit", "active", "show" and "Notes" five tabs, respectively, the basic situation of Amoy friends, credit evaluation, active procedures and other content (Figure 1). By clicking the Edit button on the Notes tab, you can customize the editing notes, and the information management is more autonomous, and the content of the cards edited can be richer and more detailed.

Function two: my Taobao

Ali Wangwang's services are all free, and provide users with an online trading platform, under the Ali Wangwang main panel of the "Special attention" tab, there is Taobao to provide you with instant snapping and exciting areas, you can in the designated areas of direct shopping consumption and participation activities. Under the "My Taobao" tab, Ali Wangwang integrates most of the features of Taobao, such as: Sold baby, edit personal information, my collection and other content (Figure 2), users can quickly reach the relevant page, click the appropriate options to open the relevant page in the browser, make money, or consumption by the user's own decision. How are you doing?

Feature Three: Custom nickname

Using instant Messaging Software The most headache is that friends often change their nickname, and the personal data do not fill in the real content, so that a long time can not "seat", which led to their mistaken friend as a stranger and deleted. Ali Wangwang provides a "custom nickname" feature, no matter how friends nickname changes, we can easily identify, in the Ali Wangwang "contact list" to select the need to change the nickname of the contact, right-click, in the right-click menu, click "Edit Amoy Nickname" item (Figure 3), in "Custom nickname" The new user nickname can be entered in the column.

Ali Wangwang also support in the process of adding Amoy friends to edit Amoy friends nickname, click on the main panel "Add Amoy" button, open the "Add Amoy" dialog box, Ali Wangwang does not support "Find Amoy friends" function, therefore, in the process of adding Amoy friends we must enter each other's member name, in the "Edit Amoy Friends Information" dialog window Custom Nickname box, enter the nickname you want for the new user, and then click OK (Figure 4).

Function Four: Screen capture

Screen capture, seems to have been a professional screenshot software patent, but, as the Instant Messaging software function is further expanded, as a chat screenshot of this very practical function, has been gradually transplanted into the instant messaging software. New Arivans-Vents also add "screenshot map" function, in the buddy list, double-click to choose the dialogue with the friend, open the Chat window, click the "screenshot Map" button on the Chat window toolbar, and a Drop-down menu that includes "screenshots", "screenshots without the current window", and "Picture files" three options (Figure 5 )。

You can choose according to your needs, when you select "screenshot", will pop up "screenshot help" and the 10-style cursor, hold down the left mouse button and drag to select the range to intercept, the mouse to the screenshot area, when the arrow-like cursor into a hand-shaped, you can drag adjustments to intercept the range and location of the picture, select the area to intercept, You can do so by using the "Send To Chat dialog box", "Save Selection", "Save All" and "eliminate selection" options in the right-click menu (Figure 6). Ali Wangwang In addition to the screenshot, you can also map, click the "screenshot map" drop-down menu in the "Map file" option, you can use the local hard disk image files in the Chat window open and send to friends.

Function Five: Reading confirmation

The nature of the Ali Wangwang determines that some of the features of this instant messaging software are different from other similar software, and that the "read confirmation" feature is very useful for both parties because the buyer and seller need to trade. The reading confirmation feature is similar to the postal Receipts feature. is to give you the first time to know whether the buyer read the information you sent, if he confirmed, the system will return a "read receipt", which can effectively solve the problem of message loss, especially to the buyer and seller to send some virtual class baby (such as: card number, Passwords and things like that) are very useful. Click the Read OK button on the toolbar in the Chat window. Enter the message you want to send in the dialog box and then click the "Send" button, the other party will receive the first "instant Message confirmation" prompt, click the "Yes" button, we will receive a "Confirmation receipt" information in the Chat window (Figure 7).

Feature Six: Link checking

With the rapid development of the Internet, some phishing websites and malicious websites are also common, in the daily chat session, there are some malicious Web site links through the Ali Wangwang platform for transmission, endangering the security of the user's computer. Therefore, Ali Wangwang adopts the protection strategy of link propagation, which greatly improves the security of the friends who receive links and access links when chatting. On the Ali Wangwang main panel, click Login-Preferences, and then, under the Security Settings tab of the Preferences window, check the "Check for links in messages" and "Remind me when you click unknown Links". At this point, there will be a "secure link" and "Unknown link" prompts in the link we receive, and a warning prompt dialog window will be given when you want to open an unknown link (Figure 8).

Function Seven: multi-party negotiation

When you need more people to participate in the discussion, you can use the Ali Wangwang "multi-business negotiation" function. In the Ali Wangwang contact list, first select a single friend who needs to be part of a multi-party business negotiation. Then click the right button, in the pop-up right-click menu, click the "Start multi-business negotiation" option (Figure 9), you can open the "invite friends to participate in business negotiations Room" window, on the left of the "to choose Amoy Friends" list to choose Amoy friends or groups, Then click the "Add" button, the selected Amoy friends or groups to join the list of business negotiations, the other party after accepting the invitation, you can conduct a multi-party business negotiations (Figure 10). To add a Amoy friend is not in the list, you can click the Invite other Amoy button to invite through the user ID.

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