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What is Cloud Engine

Cloud Engine (Cloud engine, referred to as CE), is aliyun after years of research and development, launched in July this year based on the flexible computing platform of the Web application operating environment, to provide the application of linear expansion, dynamic expansion and a variety of related services.

Cloud engine learn from and absorb the successful technical experience of the public cloud computing of the well-known foreign companies such as Google, Amazon, Rackspace, and combine aliyun years of technical research and development to ensure the efficiency and stability of the platform. Currently supports PHP and Nodejs two development languages, followed by support for more development languages. Around this platform, we also provide the session, storage, memcache, cron and many other services, so that developers can pay more attention to business development, reduce the developer's development costs, the overall architecture of the high reliability. template function to provide, can effectively link the developer and webmaster, so that the results of developers can be more effective dissemination, while the webmaster also has more flexible and rich applications can operate.

Cloud app is Aliyun mobile phone development platform, Cloud engine as an extension of Ali Cloud mobile phone in the cloud, for cloud phone developers to provide NODEJS operating environment and scalability support, so that developers effectively connect the mobile phone and cloud development, simplifying the development process.


There are two kinds of target users for Cloud engine, web developers and webmasters, respectively. Using the cloud Engine allows you to:

1, no hardware investment, reduce investment risk;

2, built-in rich services, including Session,memcache,storage,cron, cloud database, application management and configuration, covering most of the field of web development;

3, efficient and stable operating environment, compatible with most native PHP 5.3 program, Elastic telescopic, no longer beware of too much traffic;

4, efficient and secure cloud storage services, do not be careful to lose data;

5, experienced Ali Yun Peace and security team, to help solve network attacks, web site hanging Horse, vulnerability scanning, code behavior analysis, and the service anomaly alarm;

6, developers can make their own application template, the release of its application to other people to use, webmaster can be from the template Library online to create applications, you can carry out their own web site operations.

In addition, ISV vendors can integrate OPENAPI in their own systems, allowing management and publishing of user-created applications.

Application environment

Cloud engine can ensure that you can easily build applications that are safe to run under heavy load and large amounts of data.

1, automatic expansion, users can according to their own needs, application storage, cache and other capacity.

2, dynamic network services, providing the full support of common network technology

3, the persistent storage space, the storage user needs the landing data

4, load balance, select the current more idle machine, carry out the task

5, compatible with the local development environment, facilitate the developer porting code to the CE operating environment

6, distributed timing calculation, to provide scheduled and regularly scheduled tasks to trigger events.

Your application can run in one of the following two run-time environments: Nodejs environment and PHP environment. All environments provide standard protocols and common technologies for network application development. Your application uses the Nodejs and PHP standard APIs to access most CE services.

function Introduction


1, session, distributed session, developers do not have to consider across multiple machines session processing

2, Storage, based on open storage services, supporting the simultaneous access to multiple machines

3, Memcache, distributed cache, effectively solve the memcache of multiple-machine sharing, and instance restart caused by cache emptying

4, cron, through the function call way, support the regular and periodic execution of tasks

5, Application management and configuration, support the application of the creation, start, stop, update, view and other operations

6, MySQL database support, dual-machine hot standby, Support online migration and backup, a single table can support hundreds of millions of records


1, developers can use template Library to distribute applications

2, the webmaster can quickly create the application through the template Library online

3, the platform can monitor the status of various services

4, the consumption of resources have a detailed statistical records

5, convenient data import and export

The difference between cloud engine, virtual host and VPS

Traditional service hosting is oriented to hardware software equipment, users are also the use of equipment, there is no relevant services, while cloud engine services, users get a stable and reliable comprehensive service, while the distributed platform to ensure the security of data and access to the fast.

Cloud Engine

Virtual Host


User base

Web developers and Webmasters


No Limit

How to use

Service Rental

Service Rental

Virtual Device Leasing

Operating Environment

Support for multiple development languages

Support for less development languages

You need to install it yourself


Overall services for developers and webmasters

The website of the exhibition

Provide only the most basic facilities

Security assurances

Sand Box + Professional security Team

According to the service provider to decide

According to the user's ability to set

Service Commitment

Stable, reliable and safe service commitment

According to the service provider to decide

According to the service provider to decide

Development Goals

The internet has brought changes to the PC era, and we believe that cloud computing will bring greater change to the Internet. The IaaS, represented by the Amazon EC2, and the PAAs represented by Google, have launched the climax of Internet applications abroad. At home, the Internet enterprise, represented by Aliyun, takes the lead in cloud computing services and provides public cloud services to the outside world.

Aliyun has always had a goal, is to do an Internet data sharing platform, so that the vast number of users can collaborate on this platform to complete the sharing of data. We have been working towards this direction, the birth of Cloud engine is to further achieve this goal, to help the vast number of developers and webmaster to realize the dream of data sharing.

Therefore, we also promise to users that we only do the public cloud computing platform to ensure the security and reliability of the data on the platform, providing a stable and efficient distributed Web service solutions to provide users with as many services as possible.

Service restrictions

In order to ensure the security and stability of the application, we set some restrictions on various kinds of services, please read them carefully.

1, each user can create up to 3 applications, including the application created from the template

2, prohibit local file reading and writing, read and write files can use our OSS (Open Storage services), OSS storage space is not limited by capacity

3. Users who violate the terms of service by attempting to corrupt or abuse quotas, such as operating applications on multiple accounts simultaneously, may cause applications to be disabled or accounts closed

4, we have some restrictions on the PHP environment, specific reference:

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