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Brief introduction

Node APP engine is an application managed service based on Node.js v0.5.5, which provides online deployment of node.js applications.

Use attention

1. System node uses the v0.5.5 version, when using, please note with the 0.4.x function difference

2. If there is a log requirements please temporarily use the standard output (STDOUT/STDERR) implementation, will soon develop the log Operation API

3. Each Nodejs application in the ACE hosting environment initiates an independent process

4. Uploaded Nodejs must have index.js or Package.json files under the root directory

5. Start HTTP service can only listen on 10080 ports

6. Application process cannot start when a module with syntax errors or require is not present

Third-party modules

Only js-native modules are supported. For C module temporarily not supported

The system provides the following modules by default:

1. Express

2. Connect

3. Jade

If you need to use other modules, please put $app_home/node_modules

disabling APIs

1. child_process


3. Net.listen () only supports port and callback parameters, does not support monitoring Unix domain sock and the specified listening IP

code example

HTTP Service

var http = require (' http ');

Http.createserver (function (req, res) {

Res.writehead ({' Content-type ': ' Text/plain '});

Res.end (' Hello world ');

}). Listen (10080);

Console.log (' Server is running ');

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