Allergic rhinitis Good treatment method

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Allergic rhinitis is a very extensive common and frequently-occurring disease, the harm is great, in addition to causing respiratory disorders, but also greatly reduce the blood oxygen concentration, headache, dizziness, memory decline, the study and intellectual development of adolescents especially unfavorable. Rhinitis can also cause pulmonary heart disease, asthma and other serious complications, but also increase the likelihood of nasopharyngeal carcinogenesis.

Traditional treatment of allergic rhinitis with many disadvantages, blind treatment can not be taken

To recognize the treatment of allergic rhinitis is the key to cure allergic rhinitis. As the patient's allergic symptoms recur every year, many people rely solely on nasal drops and other vasoconstriction agents to temporarily alleviate the symptoms, over the long term, the disease repeated attacks, resulting in nasal congestion, headache more serious, pharynx dry, pharynx itch intensified, and long-time use, will cause a certain drug resistance and dependence.

In the treatment of allergic rhinitis, laser, hyperthermia, electric knife, freezing and so on are also commonly used methods. The principles of these therapies are hot burning, freezing method, can only remove a small number of lesions, temporary relief of symptoms, allergic rhinitis more than a season, the disease again and again, nasal congestion, flow clear tears still.

"United States of America combined with the combination of neural blockade" to bring hope to patients with allergic rhinitis

"United States of America, combined with the combination of neural blockade" is based on allergic rhinitis is the principle of the nasal mucosa plant nerve control, in Germany Storz nasal endoscopic amplification 200 times times the field of vision, the precise positioning of pathological tissue, to reach the area of the past surgery is not easy to reach, accurate temperature measurement, quantitative release of low-temperature plasma energy, The use of low-temperature plasma technology to screen the anterior nerve, wing canal nerve and inferior turbinate nerve in the nasal cavity to block, so that the pathological changes in the tissue protein self-coagulation, shedding, without damaging any tissue in the nasal cavity and retain the physiological function of nasal cavity under the premise of safe and efficient treatment of allergic rhinitis.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis Chongqing Union Hospital, is a collection of medical, prevention, health, scientific research and teaching in one, with the national high-grade comprehensive hospital. Since the establishment of the hospital has been adhering to the "patient-centric" ideological policy. Medical fees and charges are strictly in accordance with the national standards, strict implementation of the patient's charge of the list system, the cost of inquiry system, the main fees and charges of public announcement system, such as open, strict and reasonable fee system. Effectively solve the common people "big hospital expensive, small hospital see not" and so on, truly let the common up disease, see good disease.

Allergic rhinitis Good treatment method

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