Amazon Redshift Analytics Database features--essential or column storage

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Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data Warehouse that enables you to cost-effectively and easily analyze all your data with existing business intelligence tools. From a minimum of 0.25 USD per hour (without any obligation) up to $ (PB) per terabyte/TB/year, the cost is less than one-tenth of the traditional solution. Customers typically compress 3 times times, which is to reduce their cost to 333 USD per TB (uncompressed) annually.

Q: What is the performance of Amazon Redshift compared to the most traditional data warehouse storage and analysis databases?

Amazon Redshift uses a variety of innovative technologies to improve its performance by nearly 10 times times compared to traditional data warehousing and analytics databases:

      • column data storage : Amazon Redshift organizes data in columns, not as a series of rows. Unlike row-based systems for transactional processing, column-based systems are suitable for data warehouse storage and analysis, where queries often involve aggregating large datasets. Because only the columns that are involved in the query are processed, and the column data order is stored on the storage medium, the column-based system requires much less I/O, which significantly improves query performance.
      • Advanced Compression : Column data stores are more compressed than row-based data stores because similar data is stored sequentially on the hard disk. Amazon Redshift has a number of compression technologies that are often compressed to a large extent compared to traditional relational data stores. In addition, Amazon Redshift does not require an index or materialized view as compared to a traditional relational database system, so it uses less space. When you load data into an empty table, Amazon Redshift automatically samples your data and chooses the most appropriate compression scheme.
      • massively parallel Processing (MPP): Amazon Redshift automatically allocates data and query load across all nodes. Amazon Redshift can easily add nodes to your data warehouse and maintain fast query performance as your Data warehouse grows.

Amazon Redshift Analytics Database features--essential or column storage

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