AMD denies dual-core performance is called Intel misinterpreted evaluation

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Last weekend Intel blamed "AMD for attacking Intel as a fake double," and came up with a third party review to show that AMD duo processors perform very low performance when multitasking.

June 2005, the foreign hardware site Tomshardware to the Intel P840ee and AMD A64 X2 4800+ of the comparative evaluation, of which the DivX test project, AMD test results against Intel.

AMD Senior product manager Tang Zhide says this result is because the DivX test optimizes Intel HT (Hyper-Threading technology). When HT was turned off, AMD tested more than Intel. Tomshardware's test results show that AMD is a total winner in other projects.

Tang Zhide explains that HT is a technology that is not commonly used and can only reflect performance advantages when software is optimized for HT. When software is not optimized for HT, it reduces operational efficiency. The current situation is that there are very few software optimizations for HT. Therefore, when the computer of OEM manufacturer such as Dell is at the factory, the default value is to turn off HT technology. However, AMD's claim is not currently recognized by industry experts or Intel's response.

For Intel to blame "AMD attack Intel is False double core is not reasonable", AMD said that the Intel's processor has never been known as fake dual-core, but also did not attack Intel, the so-called "false double core" is groundless.

Since the advent of dual-core processors, AMD has been in the United States, Singapore and other place to invite Intel "showdown dual-core", Intel has been ignored, this time, Intel's first public response, the continuation of more than a year of the "true and false dual-core processor" controversy intensified.

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