An attractive video by fraud parsing RealPlayer Overflow Vulnerability Research

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There is such a video that it's extremely tempting and you can't resist the temptation to click on it. After a wait, you will be aware that just see the "Mirage", at this time, you are in a bottomless "urn".

RealPlayer is a popular media player, the user is very many, so it once a loophole, there will be many people are attacked. Previously RealPlayer server had a remote overflow vulnerability, causing many video sites were attacked. Now, when everyone has forgotten the pain caused by the last vulnerability, the new version of the RealPlayer in the overflow.

Now, many "hackers" have been ready, look forward to using RealPlayer overflow loophole, practice attack technology, grab a few chickens, save later invasion ...

Decryption vulnerability

". Smil" loophole makes RealPlayer "injured"

The overflow vulnerability that occurred this time is the full name "RealNetworks RealPlayer. smil file handles buffer overflow vulnerabilities." RealPlayer Some of the property fields of the. smil file are not strictly restricted to some strings in the copy operation, so there is a buffer overflow vulnerability. Attackers can invade and control the computer of the overflow by carefully constructing a ". Smil" file that allows RealPlayer to execute arbitrary malicious instructions.

Hint: the ". Smil" File is a playable file format for RealPlayer, containing the real movie file address and some corresponding playback settings in the ". Smil" file. When the file is opened with RealPlayer, the actual movie link address in the file is automatically connected and the corresponding movie is played.

This vulnerability exists in various versions of RealPlayer, and the affected versions include Windows RealPlayer 10.5 (, Windows RealPlayer 10, Windows RealOne Player V2 (, Windows RealOne player v2 (, and so on.

How the leak was formed.

First, we construct a ". Smil" file with an overflow vulnerability. We do not have to manually construct a ". Smil" file, knowing that there are simpler, more straightforward vulnerabilities to use on the web. Download ". Smil" Overflow Exploit program "Real.exe" (Download Address: Http://

Maito, before the invasion, let's take a look at how real is attacking.

Open a Command Prompt window and go to the folder where the overflow program resides. Enter "Real.exe" to see the use format of the overflow program, and real uses the format "Real.exe".

RealPlayer overflow is similar to the popular image overflow in the previous period, is a media file with overflow attack function, this is to generate a RealPlayer dedicated ". Smil" video file, so you can directly after "Real.exe" with a suffix named ". Smil" 's file name. Enter the "Real.exe test.smil" command here and execute it to generate an overflow offensive media file "Test.smil", as long as someone with a vulnerable RealPlayer program to open the media file, will cause overflow and automatically open the local port 13579.

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