An error occurred while compiling qsys generate of quartus11.0.

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11.0 provides a new version of the system. This is an upgraded version of the system. The system can also use the later version of the system. The new version is named qsys. In qsys, the interface changes to the following sample:

Everything has to be connected by yourself. It will not be automatically connected after being added to the module as before. It seems troublesome, but it seems that the compilation speed has been improved.

There are several minor issues here. After adding a three-state bus, an error will be reported. No matter how the address is allocated, there will be an error. In this case, run the run systems system builder to qsys upgrade, OK, no problem. After generate, return to Quartus and create a new schematic. On the schematic, double-click the left-click button to add the generated Nios, compile, and error. This means that the module has no examples, this error was not found in the past when you used the system-based System File System Builder. The solution is to add the. QIP file to the project and compile it again .. The QIP file is located in a folder under the project directory. The folder name is the folder that was saved when you used qsys to create the system file. For example:

My system. QIP file is named "system" in the system folder. Find the file and click "add to current project" to compile the file.

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