An explanation of usage in USB hid: it cannot be simply understood as usage ID.

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Recently I am reading the spec of USB hid:


As you can see, when item isLocalWhen btag = 0000 correspondsUsage.

The meaning of this usage was not understood at first. I thought it was wrong. It should be written as a usage ID, and someone on the Internet also said that this usage is actually a usage ID.

After some research, I finally understood that the above understanding is wrong. This usage cannot be simply understood as the usage ID.

The specific meaning of this usage is explained in spec " local items:

Translated into Chinese:

The meaning of usage is determined by bsize. Different bsize values have different meanings.

Bsize = 3The corresponding data is 4 bytes.Usage = high 16 bits + low 16 bits = usage page + usage IDIn this case, the extended usage (Extended usage) is used when usage = usage page + usage ID is used)

Bsize = 1 or 2The corresponding data is 1 or 2 bytes, and the usage is unsigned,Usage = usage IDThe meaning of this usage ID is determined by the current usage page. That is, the definition of the corresponding usage page is now available. Here, usage = usage ID forms the usage page + usage ID together and determines the final purpose.


In the above cases, bsize = 1 or 2 is the most common case, while bsize = 3 is rare.

That is,

Generally, bsize = 1 or 2, usage = usage ID, and the previously defined usage page are added to form the usage page + usage ID, which determines the usage of the device (usage );

Rare: bsize = 3, usage = usage page + usage ID, overwrite the previous usage page, and reset the usage page and usage ID here, determines the usage of the device ).


Therefore, the above bsize = 3, usage = usage page + usage ID is called the extended usage. It is estimated that this usage = usage ID (bsize = 1 or 2 ), therefore, when usage = usage page + usage ID, it is called an extended usage.



The spec of USB hid seems to be a little too simple and obscure... Yes!

A lot of content, must have a certain understanding of the basis, it is easy to understand its meaning...

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