An idea of Flash NAND without an SD card or livesuit

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Recently, many people have seen that livesuit (phoenixsuit) is not easy to use, and it is difficult to use the SD card to brush the system.
There is a new idea, similar to berryboot, but not the same.
First, use the TTL line or android virtual terminal program to run a shell.
Shell will automatically detect the network, then download a small startup file (busybox is used for rootfs of course), and then automatically dd into the NAND, which may erase U-boot, this is dangerous, but it is estimated that MD5 will be verified.
After the small system is started, the graphic interface will be automatically displayed in the hdmi and VGA modes, and then it is similar to berryboot but different.
It will ask you to enter the IP address of the server (your computer), then use HTTP to retrieve the index, and then download the first file that can be downloaded.
Next, after the download is complete, perform MD5 verification (required) and then fl it into the NAND.
However, a problem occurs. The image file is very large, where is it stored? Although the CBOs file only has 2 GB, do not forget that the CT memory is only 2 GB. What should I do?
I have come up with a solution, that is, to split the volume, not to compress the volume, but to download files one by one and verify MD5 (if the image is downloaded incorrectly, it will be re-downloaded, obviously not good ), then put the NAND.
I think it is much better to use livesuit (phonenixsuit). If you can try it.
I want to figure out the busybox image first.

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An idea of Flash NAND without an SD card or livesuit

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