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This is an Alpha router GR55 evaluation report. All the indicators are very professional and provided for comparison. It is convenient to select your favorite vro. The advantages of this route: The appearance is cool and fashionable, the transmission speed and penetration within a certain distance are good, and there are many functions; however, there are also some shortcomings, for example, the heat dissipation is not good. Alpha is not willing to lag behind, at this time launched a AFW-GR55, this send test GR55 without supporting wireless network card. For various reasons, I got a TP-link WN 550G wireless network card very late. Well, let's talk about it. Let's get to know the Alpha Family's new member AFW-GR55.

Product Introduction:
When I saw the Alpha router GR55, I felt a bit like a PS2 ultra-thin version. Black and silver match each other, calm and concise lines, extremely modern and technological appearance, definitely regarded as a fashionable wireless product, with a good appearance, I believe it will attract the eyes of more young people. GR55 provides a 10 M/100 M Ethernet WAN) interface, which can be connected to xDSL Modem/CabModem/Ethernet. It integrates four internal switches and provides four 10/100 M Ethernet LAN interfaces. The simple and bright indicator lights show the running status of GR55 at a glance. Open the shell, the internal structure is reasonable, the workmanship is OK, the materials can be circled. Among them, the most striking thing is the Black Middle radiator, which is too strong to know what processor it uses because it is stuck.

Operation settings:
The following describes the functions and management interface of the wireless router. The Management page of the Alpha router is by default, and the user name and password are admin. After entering the management interface, the Internet access mode and the IP address and software version of the WAN port are displayed. There are three options on the right, including setting wizard, advanced settings, and exit. Go to advanced settings, including wireless settings, WAN settings, LAN Settings, network security, system services, QoS configurations, system management, and status records.

Wireless Settings:

From the basic Wireless settings, we can see that the alpha router GR55 supports many working modes, such as wireless bridging, WDS, WDS + AP, and can also view the number of online customers; in the security configuration, the latest WPA2, wpa tkip), AES, and 64/128-bit WEP encryption and security mechanisms allow you to perform settings based on your actual situation and needs. WAN settings: Optional WAN interface types include PPPoE, dynamic IP, solid-state IP, PPTP, and the user's root node's own Internet access method. In advanced settings, it also allows data packets to pass through the VPN. LAN Settings, GR55 factory IP address is, the user can root needs to change it.

For the first time in the network security settings, QoS functions were introduced in wireless routers, which is quite fresh and useful in public networks. If someone "illegally" occupies too much bandwidth, they can use it to limit traffic. System Management: In system management, you can set up multiple regions with finer details, which is more conducive to vro refinement. The GR55 settings of the Alpha router are concise, but although the sparrow is small and dirty, this function is almost all available, and the QoS function is also added, which undoubtedly cannot be added to it.

Signal strength:

The indoor signal is very strong. Even if it is separated by a wall, it can be maintained at around 85%. For a wireless router of more than 200 yuan, it is already good.

QQ mutual file test:

The result was tested at, and the speed was maintained at around 2.5 M. There was not much change, indicating that the GR55 performance of Alpha router is stable and important for wireless routing .), The speed is satisfactory. The Network Stumbler test results are not bad because the router power and transmit power are stable and the amplitude does not change much. However, to be more scientific and authoritative, Chariot5.4, a professional test software, is used for testing. The test results are separated by a wall. Waveform fluctuations are obvious, but the Alpha router GR55 uses a high-gain omnidirectional antenna, which increases the stability of wireless transmission distance and connection, so there is no network disconnection, it is not a problem even if you use CS.


The overall performance of the performance test is satisfactory, the performance is relatively stable, there is no low signal or even network disconnection. However, the heat dissipation is not complete. Although a radiator is added, the heat dissipation effect is not obvious. After about one hour of operation, the router obviously heats up. In general, positioning in small enterprises and families of AFW-GR55, firewall, router, wireless functions in one, more practical. In particular, QOS is superior to wireless encryption and security. In more than 200 fields, Alpha router GR55 is the most lethal product!

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