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When I bought this book, I was a senior. The University is coming to an end and I am a Bachelor of computer software.
We haven't opened a school similarAlgorithmIntroduction and other courses. By the way, there is a similar data structure. It and Linux are my favorite professional courses in college.
At that time, I liked csdn, so I became infatuated with the idea that Gartner accepted programming as an algorithm + data structure. It was very disdainful for the students around to report the so-called Java training courses.
However, it is impossible to accumulate so many high-quality products at the school stage like those of Carnegie Mellon College.CodeThat's too unrealistic.

So I first saw this book.
I like it very much because it is lightweight. Think about the art of computer programming that is still being completed in the thick and thick volumes of Master zoneard. The interface of this book is also concise and conforms to my Personal Aesthetic, so I don't hesitate to buy it. now
In general, this is an algorithm that is close to everyone's capabilities. It also provides many ideas to encourage you to complete and verify it on your own.

If you have just entered the world of computer programming, you should be able to spend a little time in this book to get a lot of ideas about algorithms.

Although I gradually moved out of the programming world after graduation, I think that the idea of studying algorithms and computer research and solving problems can benefit me a lot and I can work and learn a lot. common

Finally, I want to tell you a real story. I am near my graduation. Some of my students are eager to ask me, "which language should I study in computer science ?"
I'm tempted to tell you what you think. For foreign languages and economics majors, the girls are always going to pass through the level of examination, that is, to test VB. If you learn VB well, you will naturally be the computer experts in their eyes and those who will seek help in the future. object
Hey, you just don't have to worry about it.

With regard to the sorrow of education and the harm that has been imposed on me, I can no longer change or simply use it to benefit myself. Well, most of the true programming experts I know are not our professional ones. let's just talk about it. For those who are interested in learning, they will naturally know.

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