Analysis and treatment of four kinds of ADSL faults

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In the use of ADSL, we often encounter a number of fault problems. Many of the questions look very "weird" and many friends don't know how to solve them. Here we summed up a few ADSL fault situation, to help you analyze and solve.

ADSL fault 1.ADSL Modem "Sync" light does not light?

ADSL Modem on the "Sync" light (usually the second lamp) is the most important ADSL, it is the first step to determine whether ADSL communication. Sync "Lights have several states": "Sync" lamp if long bright, indicating that the modem and telecommunications port of the modem has established a physical connection-----This is called "sync", this is the first step of the normal work of ADSL, but also the most important step. Sync "light if not lit or flashing, indicating that the modem of the client and the modem of the Telecommunications Bureau are trying to establish a connection, that is, synchronization is in progress. When the user will be the ADSL modem plus power for several 10 seconds," Sync "light from" not bright----flashing----long bright "change, This is the process of establishing synchronization. If the ADSL modem is in use, the "sync" indicator is flashing all the time, which means that there is a strong interference on your telephone line at this moment; a connector on the phone line is not connected properly, there is a loosening phenomenon or other line failure.


①.adsl line can not and extension, the phone can only be from the separator phone port, or will cause ADSL lost step.

②. The connector on the line must be connected, if the user line is iron core, you need to replace the copper core wire.

③. If the telephone line is too long from the telecommunication Bureau, the lines should be replaced by twisted pair wires to improve the anti-interference ability of the line.

④.adsl are sometimes disturbed by weather reasons, such as heavy rains. Users can wait a few hours before they recover naturally.

ADSL fault 2. ADSL often drop line, how to solve?


① line quality is poor, line aging, outside distance too far, too many joints, joint contact bad, resulting in signal attenuation too large.

②modem long time operation does not shut down the machine, causes the modem to overheat, affects its normal work.

③ users have too many telephone extensions in their home and the line separator is not installed correctly.


① to the line for rectification, outside the distance too far to replace the parallel lines to the twisted pair to try again.

② Restart modem, or replace modem.

③ Subscriber calls to connect to the extension, the ADSL line separator must be connected to all the voice equipment, that is, outside the line directly connected to the lines, and then divided into two routes, the modem mouth of the telephone line received ADSL modem; Phone lines are connected to other voice devices.

ADSL fault 3. On the phone, ADSL business appears off the line?


① User Line separator installation error.

There is a
② in the line. For example: the same trunk on the same time to connect the voice and signal, the same outside the installation of more than one modem and so on.

③ Line separator failure.


① line separator must be installed on the front end of all terminal devices on the line.

② only one ADSL MODEM is retained on the same line, all voice devices must pass the line separator.

③ Replace the line separator.

ADSL fault 4. Slow surfing (especially at night Peak)?


①adsl technology for the quality of telephone lines, and most of the current use of ADSL is a RADSL (Rate adaptive ADSL), if the telecommunications company to the user in a telephone line between the quality of the problem or by external factors interference, RADSL will dynamically adjust the user's access speed according to the quality of the line and the distance of transmission.

②modem for a long time does not turn off the computer, so that the modem chip overheating. Caused its performance can not play, affecting the speed of the Internet, especially the modem automatic dial-up users, may cause the modem crash and can not access the Internet.

Poor contact between the
③ device and the telephone line and network cable affects the user's Internet speed.

④ user computer operating system failure and the use of online software can also affect the user's Internet speed. Whether the network card of the user's computer is functioning properly, the driver is properly installed, the TCP/IP protocol is installed correctly, whether the user installs multiple firewalls, and whether the proxy server is set up. Whether to run the online anti-virus software and so on.

There is a gap between the network requirements of
⑤ users and the current network bandwidth provided.


① If the user indoor line for iron core wire, line joints too much, joint contact is bad, joint oxidation serious, loud noise, on the line after rectification can greatly improve the speed of the Internet.

② Restart Modem, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the modem.

③ carefully check the phone line and line separator interface is good contact, modem and user computer Ethernet card interface is good contact.

④ shut down unnecessary programs or firewalls, and remove proxy server settings.

⑤ at present, the theoretical bandwidth we provide to the user is uplink 640Kbps, downlink 1024Kbps, its local download speed more than 70 kb/s---120 kb/s (1b=8bit) in the current situation, we provide the speed to meet the user to achieve local high-speed download, Visit foreign sites, VOD, live TV, online radio, online MP3 playback, large-scale online games, video conferencing, such as local network broadband access. But for long-distance VOD, legends and other large games, ESPN and other online TV live, video conferencing and other broadband services, due to remote transmission bandwidth, The service provider's access bandwidth, the server's processing power limit, may not reach the user's required speed, or can not connect.

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