Analysis of several causes of website snapshot stagnation

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I. Do not update theme content for a long time

Maybe you have been busy recently, you have no time to update the website content, or you have just updated some of the topics, but you have not updated the theme content of the website, this is the root cause of your website snapshot stagnation. The so-called content is king. If you do not update the content, the website will certainly have problems. Just as if you don't give your children a meal, or you give it to them, but it's not regular at all. In a short time, your children will suffer problems, I believe that you are not willing to make your children hungry. No matter how busy you are, I hope you can regularly update website content.

II. Most of the content is reproducible

Nowadays, many webmasters adopt a pseudo-original method to update websites, and even use collectors or pseudo-original tools to process content, every time a search engine crawls food on your website, it finds that your website does not have its own content. Most of the content is copied from other websites, and the search engine will come again, I believe that if it is you, you will not come again. Therefore, I would like to advise all webmasters to do a good job in website content and write their own original content, fresh and unique food is what search engines like.

3. Duplicate keywords in the title are too high.

In order to allow your website to be quickly found in search engines, many webmasters will use keywords to build their own purposes, however, this method does not work when the search engine algorithms are relatively mature, and it will also cause search engine resentment and be punished. Therefore, the webmaster should never rush to rank, and do it step by step.

4. Frequent server faults

Websites are most afraid of server problems. If your website cannot be opened and the search engine cannot capture the content of your website, then how does it update your website? Obviously, you have missed the best time to update website snapshots. This is also very bad for the user experience. If the user wants to access your website, it cannot be opened. Will he come again next time? Therefore, webmasters and friends must be cautious when choosing a space. Nowadays, many webmasters are using foreign hosts, what is most popular with webmasters is the fastest hostease host in foreign hosts. Its server is located in the softlayer machine room, and the access speed and stability are recognized by everyone, and it also has Chinese station to provide Chinese customer service, user experience to achieve the ultimate, this may be why so many webmaster friends are recommended the root cause of hostease host.

5. Export external links that contain low-weight sites

I believe that each website has its own export chain, which is a task that every webmaster friend must do. However, if the check is not strict, there may be some low-weight sites, there must be contacts in the webmaster circle. When a friend with a low-weight website asks you to create a link for him, although you do not want to, you will also do it for him, if these low-weight sites are occasionally updating original content, your site will be affected and punished by the search engine, for example, a website snapshot is stuck or out of archive.


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