Analysis of the impact of site Baidu Weight 3 main reasons

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PR has long been our measure of the quality of the site an intuitive data, but with the PR update more and more slowly, the authority of the PR has been questioned. As a seoer, we urgently need to find a more persuasive reference data that can replace PR. The weight naturally becomes the second-level. When we understand the importance of weight, then what are the main aspects of our site will affect the weight of Baidu? Today, I would like to share some of the three factors affecting the weight of their views. According to the author's experience, the author thinks that the weight is mainly affected by three factors. The difference is: the quality of the site content, the quality of the chain and a stable flow.

 One: The content of the website is fresh and quality

With the development of search engines, more and more attention to the content quality of the site is a trend, but also a necessity. Through the search engine to the algorithm unceasing renewal, the search engine to the website content readability request also unceasingly enhances, by improves the content of the site also on the other hand enhances the user the friendly experience degree. At the same time we can not ignore the freshness of content, Google has updated its panda algorithm last year, improve the importance of freshness, we can see the more fresh content is easier to get the search engine's favor. Therefore, the author believes that the weight of the promotion of not only in the content of the quality of a certain amount of kung fu, for freshness is not to be overlooked.

 Second: The overall quantity and quality of the outside chain

Outside the chain is to improve the weight of a simple and practical method, as a webmaster we should be clear to the chain can pass the weight of the site, especially through the chain of friends to convey the weight. Because of this reason, a lot of optimization staff in the early days of optimization can not wait to find friends chain, release outside the chain, but a period of time down weight but not much improvement. Some people may use a number of outside the chain of mass tools to publish the chain, although these outside the chain can make your site to achieve short-term weight increase, but not conducive to the long-term development of the site, and may attract unnecessary search engine punishment. In this regard, I think some of the low weight of the new station can not be the weight of the promotion of the outside chain, the chain can only be said to promote the role of a reasonable and robust outside the chain of development can make the weight of the site has a more long-term development

Third: The site's traffic also affects the weight of the high and low

Traffic is the foundation of every site, whether you rely on advertising or sales of products of the enterprise site, no traffic means that your site as stagnant water general. Similarly, according to the author's observation, the flow of weight also has a certain impact. We can see the clue from the weight fluctuation on the author's website. The author of the site because in the whole year to upgrade, the content of the page during the upgrade URL address has changed, because the content is larger, it did not do 301, but also ignored the 404 error page, resulting in a rapid decline in site traffic, as shown in Figure I. And the drop in traffic is obviously affected by the site's weight value. As shown in figure II, the weights fluctuate as the flow decreases. For this incident? In fact, the answer to this question is many, the author besides want to explain the impact of the flow on the weight, but also want to say as the optimizer we need to be careful, especially in the site revision period, because a mistake will be possible to make our optimization failed.


Figure I


Figure II

Summary, the impact of the weight of the factors are multifaceted, only we reasonably deal with these factors, in order to make our site has a more long-term and stable development. This article by mobile phone wallpaper edit, reprint please keep the source.

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