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Say really very ashamed, contact SEO Industry also has a year time, but until today to understand the Baidu related domain and the difference between the chain, this is also just beginning to be a lot of SEO predecessors to mislead, coupled with the latter did not carefully observe the study, has been the Baidu related domain also as a site outside the chain, I believe that a lot of SEO child shoes also have the same idea, today Mo Xiao Evil here to explain the difference between Baidu related domain and outside the chain.

First of all, we from the Baidu related domain and outside the chain concept to look at, Baidu related domain is a in the Baidu search box in domain command, format: domain+ colon + domain name, through this command can be queried to include the domain name of the Web page, this command search out are pure text URL, MO small evil original also was misled , think that through domain query is outside the chain, in fact this view is wrong, and is wrong. So what's the chain? Outside the chain is the external link, refers to the site by the outside domain name point to the destination website hyperlinks. One is a plain text URL, users can not click to enter the target site; one is a hyperlink, the user is able to directly click into the target site.

Just to explain the concept of Baidu related domain and the difference between the chain, and now give you some examples to illustrate, to Mo-Evil locator station, we first query Baidu related fields: domain:www.***.com


Find the relevant results 1670, we randomly click on a search out of the results can be seen, these search pages are included in the www. * * * * *com This domain name, but does not contain the anchor text with hyperlinks, of course, directly in the domain name to do hyperlinks is searchable, which we all understand.

Since Baidu related domain can not query to the outside of the site chain, then how should we query the site outside the chain? A lot of SEO children's shoes are known in English Yahoo to inquire, we all go to test will know.


Through Yahoo query to 1592 outside the chain, query out of the pages are included hyperlinks. Since the Baidu related domain is not outside the chain, then we in other pages on the plain text URL has no effect? Before explaining this, we first look at the next competitor's Baidu-related domain and Yahoo outside the chain.



The site's Baidu-related domain 36, Yahoo outside the chain of 12,457, the key words ranked in the 2nd Baidu, the site is the use of station group to do the anchor text outside the chain, the site is done inside the garbage content, the input URL is a direct jump to a Baidu has been punished by the station. From here we can see that the chain of the site rankings of importance. So Baidu related domain (plain text URL) The weight of the site and ranking has a role?

We can search the relevant data through domain:www.***.com, so if we search domain:www.***.co to see:


Here we can see Domain:www.***co is not search results, so it is certain that Baidu can be through domain: domain name to determine the page containing the domain name, Baidu is the way to collect the Web site's extensive, and then weigh the weight of the site, From this you can see that the Web site of pure text in Baidu's weight is also contributing.

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