Analysis of the possibility of the domain name cannot be accessed

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Article Description: The possibility reason analysis of domain name cannot access.

Finally resolved the domain name can not access the problem, and see the FA Chuen, a full duration of 7 days just one weeks, during the mood that is a rise and fall, fall and swing, is simply miserable, always can not solve.

Every visit will appear whitechilliesdesign page, now search this word my site is still ranked second, in order to solve this problem I have countless attempts, have been hit again and again, finally found the problem is in the DNS resolution server, the space provider gave me two DNS resolution service address, One of them hung up or how it is not used, this is caused me to repeatedly modify settings can not find the root cause of the ultimate reason, now directly resolved to IP, all problems solved.

Analysis of the possibility of the domain name cannot be accessed

Stumbled in the attempt, also grilled a grilled domain name can not access those things, List a list of possible causes of the problem.

WordPress theme, Plug-ins. This is the space customer service and I said, I really will be the theme restore, remove all plug-ins, and finally think if it is a theme or plug-in problems, only likely to appear in the WordPress program error, return page will be error code hint, If the subject blocks the error output will show only the title of the blank page, how can not be put on the domain name can not access the edge, the next stop!

database. It's a fine thing, I must be afraid to touch, but if the database error occurred in reference to the previous one, only the error, now the program is not due to the database or code error can not support the situation, the domain name can not be accessed directly is certainly impossible, so continue to go down.

fixed link. This is worth paying special attention to, say a little WordPress skill (or experience), if change the. htaccess file or domain name setting, sometimes you may only visit the homepage, the inside page all appear 404 Not found prompt words, At this time is generally able to enter the WordPress backstage, to "set" => "Fixed link" page, do not change any place, click "Update Settings", and then the internal page can be normal access.

. htaccess file. I don't understand. htaccess grammar, all the settings are copied online, I directly delete the violence to test whether it is. htaccess caused by the domain name can not be accessed, as for the reset I can not be anxious to recommend a. htaccess file online generator, the effect is very good, fool-type operation.

Domain name settings. to be honest, this is nothing to say, the domain name provider to provide the settings also only CNAME form of DNS resolution service or a form of IP binding resolution, see if there is no set error on it, the view using the Tracert tool to track IP path, do not understand the passing is, I am also a small white , O (∩_∩) o haha.

DNS resolution server. I directly access the two DNS resolution URLs given by the space provider directly, one of the URLs directly comes out of the Whitechilliesdesign page, and the other one doesn't have a website (this is normal, because my site is shared IP), it was not particularly concerned. For DNS resolution server, that is, a two-level domain name link format, mainly to check whether there is a failure.

Space IP. This is going to pull to the great gfw, that is Great Firewall, ya said "harmony"! If the great GFW organization harmoniously your website's IP, Buddhist incense quickly change, the detection method is uses the ping service to see whether resolves to your IP.

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