Analysis of the reasons why the website is deprecated or downgraded after the ip address is changed

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The number of ip addresses of a website drops to more than 1 million every day. At that time, I went around for help, but there was no good way. From then on, I was particularly afraid of changing servers. After the server is changed, the concept that the website weight and indexing are affected goes deep into my mind. On July 6, May 25, 2012, my website's vps expired in half a month. Because I used to buy it through a proxy, it has been a long time and I cannot find a proxy. I cannot renew it, only one new VPS can be changed. Everything is too perfect. After The New VPS is fully accessed, the domain name will be explained to The New VPS. At that time, it was just a matter of emergency, the old VPS's apache and data deletion are not stopped, and then the system goes out.

In the next few days, I pay attention to the changes in the keyword ranking and indexing volume of the website every day. The ranking and indexing volume of the website are normal. Although the indexing volume has not increased, it has not declined. On the evening of June 23, May 28, 2012 (Thursday evening, my website was updated on Friday or Saturday morning), the first time I changed my vps, I faced the Baidu update day. That night, I visited the site several minutes, it wasn't until on the 29th that the website did not go down, but it rose a little bit. Now I can rest assured. Meimei slept.

On the evening of the 29th, I suddenly remembered that the old vps data had not been deleted. After login, I saw a lot of access to the website in my dongle? My domain name has been explained to The New VPS for a few days. How can there be access? My first reflection was that someone explained the domain name to my VPS, so I searched my website's full name on the search engine. No. What is the problem?

I am dumpfounded to open the website access log. All access records are search for spider. What's going on? Domain names all explain how many spider crawlers have crawled over the past few days?

Open a New VPS website access log and find that there is no spider crawling record. Baidu only has a few records a day, and only crawls the home page, all of which are the same ip address. Through the batch ping tool and some friends of the site, the domain name is completely directed to the new ip address, so there are only two explanations for this phenomenon.

1. The search engine dns has a long update cycle and does not update my new domain name explanation.

2. Search engine dns is captured by ip instead of domain name. However, the ip address is determined by the domain name. That is to say, the ip address update is also based on the dns, but it is still due to the fact that the DNS is not updated in time.

Now we know that after the website is changed to a new ip address, the search engine still crawls the original ip address for a period of time. How does this affect the website's indexing and ranking?

If we change the server and the original server stops working, an error will be returned when the search engine crawls the page, this error makes the search engine think that your server is down. This error will not end until the search engine updates the ip address pointed to by your domain name. That is to say, if you stop the original website before the search engine updates DNS, your website cannot be accessed in the record of the search engine, at this time, if the anti-search engine checks the records recorded on your website, the search engine will also conclude that the page has been deleted. In this way, if the original ip service is stopped immediately after the website is changed to ip addresses, the weight and indexing will inevitably decrease (except for those websites where the search engine does not crawl once a month ).

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