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Scientiamobile provides a device detection solution to determine the features of each device. Leverage knowledge, smart phones, tablets, and Smart TVs to provide a powerful cross-device web experience.

Scientiamobile provides an open-source project: wurfl

Wurfl supports APIs on all major platforms. Whether you are in PHP or Java, net or C ++, scientiamobile has a product that will work. Our high-performance wurfl infuze also supports Apache, nginx, and varnish. Other popular languages such as Python and Ruby, node. JS, and Perl are supported through our wurfl cloud computing service.

Scientiamobile has a history of 10 years. It tracks these frequent and accurate updates and provides them to our customers. With our wurfl product, you can rest assured that you get the latest and most accurate device detection.


The above is an introduction to the open-source project wurfl of scientiamobile. In fact, wurfl device library files are very powerful. Covers the current mainstream mobile phone models.

In fact, what can we do with wurfl? The answer is very simple: Through this device library, when accessing through HTTP, get the visitor's useragent, and then get the device model through useragent.

The following is the test page of wurfl:

Finally, the entire project is attached: wurfl

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