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Many webmasters have to improve the site's affiliate ads or other ads click on the way to do, for example, the use of "adult picture", "Download" and other user-induced clicks, but this is the Baidu Alliance is prohibited, but also not a long-term solution, that how to better improve the site ads click-through?

For this problem, I am also a novice, and then consulted a UCD user EXPERIENCE DIVISION FRIEND, let him analyze what method can better improve the click of the ad, after all, for webmaster or enterprise, click Ads or bring traffic is a value of traffic.

From the Forum blog to the current microblog, the user's ability to tolerate information is getting worse. Capturing the user's attention becomes the most valuable asset. Whether it's visual, auditory, or tactile, it's actually all about stimulating the user through a sense of contrast. But it is worth our attention is: designers to grasp the degree of stimulation, not at the same time the same interface to show a number of attention to focus, which will result in carnival effect. The extra visual element distracts the user's attention, and instead becomes a visual noise, the effect of which will be greatly compromised.

So, by communicating with him, mainly on how to attract the attention of visitors, I think we should extend the question to how to get the visitor to focus on the ad, and then to stimulate the click-visit. Therefore, I think the main starting from the following three aspects to optimize:

I. The attraction of the content

For the content of this site I think the most important, I believe that the use of Google AdSense and Baidu Alliance webmaster should know, Google Ads is based on the Site page keyword to match, and for Baidu although the claim is also through the keyword matching, but in fact basically are hospitals, beauty, Domain name host, such as advertising, and the site matching degree is relatively poor. Imagine if your site is introduced mobile phone, there is a male hospital ads, visitors should not click it! Therefore, if your site also has Google Alliance and Baidu Alliance ads, suggest that you still have a relatively high rate of advertising ads with Google, will be more matching the content of the site, the relevance of the ads will be more attractive to visitors.

Second, the color of the stimulus

Color is one of the most powerful stimuli that can attract the attention of visitors, and we should learn to promote Baidu. Use Baidu Search, you will find Baidu keyword promotion phase for Google is very impersonal, Baidu's promotional links and natural search results do not have a clear distinction between the boundaries, it is easy to search users click to promote the link. Therefore, when we advertise, we should put the background color of the ads and the background of the site better integration, the color of the font should be the main match well.

Third, the website advertisement position Layout Guide

According to the user experience of the user eye browsing scope and behavior habits of the study found that visitors in addition to the content of the main body of the Web page to the top of the site banner, site sidebar, the bottom of the site have different concerns and attention time, so the layout of the site ads is to increase exposure to stimulate the click of one of the important factors.

1, the top of the page (Banner)

For the Web page banner this piece, the user's first attention to the eyeball is the left, according to the user's habits, visitors to the site's first scan is the site to the left, so the top left side of the page banner ads effect will be relatively good, but also to the overall layout of the theme site, can not

2, Web page text (content)

The text of the website is the core of the visitors ' browsing, so it is very important to do this piece well. Many websites will add ads to the article, I have seen a variety of ways to add, but personally think that put the ads under the title of the site is relatively better, put in the text of the article although not to say that the impact of reading, but at least the text content is not very good, a bit abrupt.

3, page sidebar (Sidebar)

Site Sidebar Many of our webmaster like to put the hot comments, recommended articles, the latest articles and so on this side, because visitors generally only to your article the latest articles, many people read articles, many people commented very hot articles, these interested, so we actually as long as the latest articles, hot commentary articles on the first side of the page on the line , you can put the recommended ads here.

4, the bottom of the page (foot)

It has become a habit for visitors to publish their opinions after browsing through a good article. So the bottom of the site Comment area will also be a relatively high level of attention, so in the comments section of the left and right to put an ad bit is also a good choice.

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