Analyze potential competitors from Google search engine (end)

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Analyze potential competitors from Google search engine (end)

Google search engine, the analysis of competitors is very clear. is also the most accurate. Because Google's information is huge. The information given is also very accurate. So when analyzing competitors, we usually like to use Google to analyze.

Take a quick look at the "ways to analyze competitors."

When we do any keywords in any industry, the first thing we have to do is to identify the good words to analyze the competitor, and analyze the competitor is essential, to judge the competitiveness of keywords and understand the industry is very useful.

Competitor analysis or someone said that as long as the search engine directly searching the core keywords, you can analyze, ranked good are opponents. This is also true of the statement, only to see the surface opponents, did not analyze the potential opponents, carefully ditch capsized, the actual analysis is good.

But according to a few methods, we can make a general judgment;

1. The actual year of the domain name.

As long as did not drink Sanlu milk powder domain name, basically did not die, the basic weight is very high, so, the 1th is to need to analyze domain name from the age domain. The weight of the domain name to a large extent determines the overall ranking of the site.

Domain name is basically from the time of registration, search for the first time by search engines included.

In a word, the older the qualifications, the stronger the competitive advantage.

If your domain name is five years old domain name. And your industry's competitor domain name is new, then your advantage can be seen.

Of course, if the competitor's domain name is very old. Then your ranking optimization can be very difficult. And the difference between adults and children.

Here is a domain name query address: RP High and low.

Now whether Baidu, or Google's search engine, webmasters are accustomed to using the PR to determine the quality of a site or bad. In fact. I also have a habit. But now it's slowly changing. has begun to pay attention to the frequency and number of updates to the site.

Although the PR value in Google to determine the ranking of the high and low probability, in Google Statistics, PR basic can not determine the ranking of the height.

and PR in Google weight is high, but can not say in other search engines also exist a high weight. PR really determines the site outside the chain of the key.

3. Update of the snapshot date.

Snapshots are the frequencies that determine how often a Web site spider crawls and the content of the site is thinner. Only when the site really has new content, search engine spiders and robots will choose to crawl. In short, the newer the snapshot update date, the higher the quality of the site.

4. Total number of pages included.

Website page is a spider web, export weights to each other, in general, the site contains more pages. Then the higher the weight of the home page, ranking is naturally the better. But to some extent, outside the chain is also a decision to rank a reason for the site, below are introduced.

5. Quality and quantity of external links.

Generally in search engines appear in the site links. Includes external links and internal links.

The number of links to the primary domain name, the number of internal bonding, and the number of external links. The sum of the three, you can determine the total link to a website.

External links also include high-quality external chains and low quality chains. High-quality external links can be properly reduced, but also have very good results. If it is a low quality link, then must use the quantity to win, this is the Search engine SEO optimization way.

6. Site Classification Open Directory.

In search engine rankings, there are a number of determinants for each major open directory. Yahoo, for example, is relying on a start, all the search engines all over the world must buy his account, followed by the Open directory. There are also some of the most famous hao123 in the country, as well as some other charge catalogues. is a very high weight export. As long as the classified directory of the site, the weight will be very good, search engines will be very like, the weight is also very high, natural ranking is very good.

(The above belongs to the foundation of Wuhan SEO practice, without any false original,)

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