Analyze the design of test cases from the "System login" test Case case

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Analyze the design of test cases from the "System login" test Case case

Writing test cases is the most basic work of a software Test engineer. But how to write a good test case, this really need me to do the usual work carefully summed up.

Below I use "System login" black box test case design to analyze how to write test cases exactly?

First, Case description

Test object: is a b/s structure system landing function point.

Function Description: 1. The user enters the corresponding address in the address bar, requires a limited time login interface

2. Enter the user name, password and verification code, login, System automatic check, and give the corresponding prompt information.

3. If the user name, password, verification code any information is not entered, after logging on the system to give the appropriate information.

4. Automatically turn off IE when the validation is not passed for 3 consecutive times.

Requirements: Write down the function points required for this system.

Second, case analysis

1. Find out the input and output of the login system

Input: User name, password, Verification code text box input data, click Login

Output: Login success or Login failed!

2. Determine the system test type

functional tests to verify that the functions implemented by the system are consistent with those described in the requirements specification. For example, whether the login interface can be loaded correctly , enter the correct user name, password, verification code can log on successfully!

GUI test, interface test, check whether the page design conforms to specification. Page elements are complete, page layout is reasonable, for the Web page, the page jump is smooth.

Fault tolerance testing: from a development point of view, that is, whether there is error handling in the system.

Usability testing: Whether you can use shortcut keys.

Compatibility test: Loading the landing page with different browsers;

Security testing:

3. Test method

According to the method of equivalence class analysis, test cases can be designed from two angles of valid equivalence class and invalid equivalence class. From the perspective of effective equivalence class, the design system can successfully log in the test case, from the perspective of invalid equivalence class, the design system can not successfully login test cases.

Third, design use cases

Use Case number


Use case name

System Login

Front-facing conditions

1. Open IE, enter the corresponding address in the address bar, you can enter the system login interface

2. The correct user name and password exist

Serial number

Use case description

Test input

Expected results


Interface Testing

1. Is the page title correct?

2. Whether the default focus of the page is controlled in the User name input box;

3. Tab key can be controlled.

1. Page title is correct

2. Default focus control in User name input box

3. Tab key Normal control.


Landing success

Enter the correct user name, password, verification code

1. Click on the mouse to log in.

2. Direct Enter to login

Password cipher text display;

The system landed successfully.


User name

1. Do not enter a user name

2. Enter a user name that does not exist

1. Hint: The user name cannot be empty!

2. Prompt user name does not exist



1. Do not enter a password

1. Enter a password that is inconsistent with the user name

1. Hint: The password cannot be empty

2. Hint: wrong password!


Verification Code

Enter the wrong verification code

Hint: CAPTCHA input Error!


Security check

Not successful 3 consecutive times

Tip: You do not have permission to use the system, please continue with the administrator.

Iv. Summary

From the system landing this case analysis, test case design, mainly from three aspects, 1. Interface check: Query page element is complete.

2. Functional Testing:                    the correct process, such as the serial number. Error Process: That is, fault-tolerant processing, serial number 3,4,5,6 are.

Analyze the design of test cases from the "System login" test Case case

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