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Advertising exists in our life all the times, we can not leave it, but also need it, it is an indispensable part of our lives. Imagine that we live in a world without advertising, the world will become so boring, all products may be the same packaging, the same function ... Network advertising, early due to hardware and network environment restrictions, its display form is extremely limited. The form of advertisement is the main means of communication, such as text link advertisement, net advertisement, e-mail advertisement and so on. With the rapid development of Internet technology and hardware, traditional internet advertising is becoming more and more unable to meet the demand, the emergence and development of the interactive advertising of rich media is gradually mature and fully applied. Now, we are about to enter the mobile internet era, mobile phone as the carrier of the birth of a new medium, mobile network Interactive advertising will become more and more important, as the network advertising rookie and the future.

A text link advertisement

is a kind of text link form, the least interference to the viewer, the fastest access speed, the most effective form of online advertising;

Advertising in two web sites

The image files, which are established in gif,jpg format, are positioned in the Web page, and are mostly used to express the advertisement content of the network advertising form;

Web advertising is divided into two categories: static, dynamic;

1. Static:

Static web advertising is to display a fixed picture on the Web page, it is also a common way of internet advertising in the early days. The advantage is that it is easy to make and accepted by all websites. Its shortcomings are also obvious, in many of the use of new technology to create Web ads, it appears to be a bit stiff and boring.

This is a naver shop in the static picture of a product banner,banner in the large green title, and beautiful pictures, not only highlighting the meaning of the text, you can also stay in the image of the beautiful picture above.

iphone ads, I believe that we are no longer unfamiliar, as always, so simple, so classic. There is no superfluous decoration, only that sentence of refined advertising language and classic product design.

IPhone app's banner design, where the copywriting "thanks to the 1 billionth time downloader."

BMW 3 Series of banner ads, magnified classic BMW headlights, a glance can be recognized, this is BMW, is still so atmosphere, combined with music activities, reflects the theme of the event--BMW Yue.

2. Dynamic:

Animated animation that is formed by a series of animated or flashing static pictures. Usually using GIF, SWF and other formats, through a different screen, passed to the viewer more information, this kind of advertising is not complex, the size is relatively small. Because the dynamic web advertising has so many advantages, so it is currently the most important form of online advertising.

Baidu side of the client GIF banner design, the lovely image of Baidu around, through hand-held mobile phone modeling, not only the interpretation of product characteristics, but also reflects the characteristics of wireless clients.

Three email ads

In text format or HTML format, a piece of advertising text, pictures placed in the mail, you can also set a URL, link to the main advertising company homepage or provide products or services to the specific page of the network advertising forms;

E-mail ads have been developed for many years now, and we are no longer bombarded by email ads. A good e-mail advertising, can provide users with the required information on a regular basis, on the contrary, the user will be at a certain point in time to abandon it.

Apple's mail ads, highlighting the theme of the event, explains the theme of the campaign: Choosing gifts for Mother's Day. The theme of "Mother's Day" is conveyed through various feminine images.

Four interactive rich media advertising

As the web advertising more and more can not meet the demand, a more attractive way of interaction: text, sound, images, games and other elements, to the mouse, keyboard and other input and output devices for the interactive operation experience of the network advertising forms.

Traditional text with picture-style advertising, e-mail advertising, because of its development for many years, the user's feelings have been gradually diluted, and even sometimes produce resentment. On the other hand, the traditional text, pictures and other forms of advertising revenue is also getting smaller.

Therefore the network interactive rich media advertisement appears to the network advertisement design, has brought the new development space, the Flash technology application, lets the advertisement display form to have the new vigor. Now the more mature interactive advertising on the internet is mainly flash and JS as the main manifestation. Flash Interactive Advertising, in the network interactive advertising contribution is excellent.

Common forms of interactive rich media advertising:

1. Automatic Playback:

Without the need for mouse interaction, you can complete the playback of the animation, which is used in a large number of flash ads

Mercedes-Benz Interactive Advertising-no copy in the ad, screen on a clock, every second, there is a car out, with the picture of the artistic conception: what "let ' s talk!"

2. Click Interaction:

No mouse clicks, triggering ad interaction

Mass advertising--the entire advertising to video playback as a creative, click Play after the rapid drive through the Volkswagen, fast to the viewer can not see what the car is like, to attract users to drag the progress bar to play their own playback.

Super lub Lubricant Advertising--The ad comes up with a little girl on a different swing, a swing that makes a jarring noise, and when you turn off the sound in the upper left corner, the product appears. Advertising form simple, instantaneous product characteristics on the performance of incisively and vividly!

3. Drag and Drop Interaction:

Drag and drop the mouse to enjoy the thrill of the change in the screen

Condom creative Advertising--initially a prohibited symbol, when the mouse dragged down, instant into a female symbol, advertising creative meaningful

Puma Interactive Advertising-the screen has a shoelace to remind you to drag, use the mouse drag and drop, will pull out a pair of sports shoes, the image of the description, Puma sports shoes is so thin.

Mini Cooper ad--When you drag this guy's mouth, it becomes the same as a smile.

4. Mouse Tracking Interaction:

When the mouse is dangling, the screen looks like it was enchanted, how you manipulate it, how it plays.

This is a digital phone interactive advertising, users in the banner on the left and right mouse, the screen on the ear will be non-stop to run around the phone, when the chase after the happy release of the heart shape.

Chevrolet Car ADS-the mouse shaking, will draw the road of the car, the car followed the mouse to travel.

5. Mouse Event Interaction:

Through the choice of events, interactive time will change the results of non-stop, entertainment full

IPod nano--When you select a nano, click on the background of the mouse to shake, you can see the Nano's shine, and television ads complement each other.

wwf--the Earth to the left, back to the green world, turn right to the city to the desert

Five mobile network Interactive advertising

In contrast to other forms of advertising, mobile network advertising, with the help of mobile terminals unique hardware or sensor characteristics, can have a stronger reach rate, interactivity, positioning ability, communication, trading ability advertising features, such as AR, two-dimensional code, Bluetooth advertising, lbs location-based marketing activities interaction, and other media network interactive advertising.

According to relevant data, the 2010 U.S. mobile advertising market size of 797.6 million U.S. dollars, the 2011 U.S. mobile advertising market is expected to scale 1.24 billion U.S. dollars, 2015 will reach 5.04 billion U.S. dollars. In China Mobile advertising market, emarketer said China Mobile advertising market Size in 2011 is expected to reach 445 million U.S. dollars, the 2012 China Mobile advertising market is expected to reach 712 million U.S. dollars, to 2015 the data will reach 1.39 billion U.S. dollars. The mobile advertising market will be a new internet industry.

The advent of the mobile Internet, to open the magic of the New world of passion, we have seen here a more revolutionary form of advertising, the original advertising can bring about the convenience of our lives, let us enjoy the colorful mobile life. Mobile Web Interactive Advertising, unlike traditional online advertising, can be a distraction for us. Mobile advertising to the user's precise positioning, through a variety of sensors, position positioning, push and other functions, to provide users with more suitable for their advertising services; At the same time, the display of advertising is no longer like the traditional internet advertising blunt, mobile network advertising from the upgrading of the hardware environment, as well as software and network environment changes, Become more creative and interactive new advertising media, so that users can get useful information at the same time, but also feel the mobile network interactive ads bring fun.

Can say mobile network interactive advertising to our existing advertising model, bring a revolution!

At present, mobile network interactive advertising is divided into 3 kinds of forms

1. Mobile Website Interactive Advertising

Based on mobile terminal browser to mobile Web pages for the display form of advertising, such as: Mobile Web page text link ads, picture ads, and brand activities such as advertising forms;

2. App Implant Ads

App as the advertising carrier, in the app startup or operation, implanted with IAD, admob and other third-party ads;

3. App Interactive Show ads

App itself is an interactive advertising marketing platform, such as: Ikea, Converse and other app applications;

Let's take a look at some of the mobile web advertising cases Now:

App startup game, in the top or bottom of app, show ads, click on ads can go into the App Store or in a browser to open the corresponding AD main site. This advertising model is based on the app, often in the form of free app+ advertising. In meeting the needs of users, but also to achieve the purpose of advertising dissemination.

QR Application Case "is your resume handsome enough?"

A personal resume, do a video, combined with two-dimensional code. Print it out. The recruiter can use the scanning software in the phone to see the video. The combination of two-dimensional code can be very convenient to the offline and online link up;


Ikea (IKEA) AR augmented reality technology application case

Ikea's app allows you to put Ikea's products in a virtual reality way that shows up in your space.


Converse ar Interactive Marketing app

And the previous Ikea app idea is just the same, with the help of augmented reality technology, so that consumers virtual experience of goods. then promote the purchase.


Embedded advertising display in IPad

Shaking the ipad, the camera below will rotate different views according to the banner of the ipad, click on the banner to display full screen, hand can drag the camera 360° rotation display camera angles.


Axe's ad case on the IAD platform


Summary: The advent of the mobile internet era, for our work, Life provides unlimited convenience and efficiency, but also let us have more choices, mobile network advertising so that users more and more initiative, the user is to determine whether a product is useful, an advertisement is the key to value. The transformation of advertising forms has created a new advertising industry. We in the mobile network advertisement design, will have the bigger creativity to play the space, the stronger dissemination power.

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