And the fourth day of the missing flower.

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(Wonderful) Girl:

I am in the middle of the night to do a mask to you today to do an explanation, haha, say to you, I have a few corners of the mouth and a few acne, good pain, the face of the recent acne is this from the Phi-V Wow,

All is your matter, hum, let me miss to become disease all, quickly compensate my face.

Today feel very very hot, the last bathroom are looking for someone to replace, the office door opened for a while do not know what the air conditioning is what, completely stop the heat attack,

You are very comfortable, and I here a full 9 degrees of temperature difference, as well as the sea breeze is blowing, think is also cool crooked. You are afraid of the cold can't stand the heat of the Constitution, this is really a right

The summer of it.

Training period of more than half, presumably also has been accustomed to early to sleep without cell phone life, then I? Have you been accustomed to the days when I was not involved? Will it aggravate the

My thoughts, will not be contacted at the time also did not feel anything, fear. Say to you, dare that, I interrupt your short legs, haha, broken, I said you bad,

Will you sneeze and wake up?

Tomorrow is Sunday again, a mixed blessing. Hi is can have a good reason to play on a day, worry but accounted for the shadow of more than half, one is not free food to eat, two is so high

Temperature, if go out to bake me to do, hey. Forget, I still honestly in the office, want to play on the computer, do not continue to brain, give yourself a

Clumsy birds have perseverance, in fact, the main is no one about it, ~ ~ ~ (>_<) ~ ~ ~

have been very much want to miss you, daytime reading things always wander, have not used to contact you when the rhythm of the trail, well, seriously not used to. Your phone is already here.

Yu Guan state, suddenly a kind of fear, if you really so no words, I how to search, where I should go ... Don't know what your mind has been thinking about lately?

Ah, you heartless girl, estimated that every day training are tired limp to bed, no mind to think about these things (not to argue (*^__^*)).

Listen to "Miss is a disease" with me to sleep, look at the rest of the time, can go faster, faster, and faster.

Go to face, face is fast dry into mud, you have made a mask early to sleep, hum.

Good night, Da?


And the fourth day of the missing flower.

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