Andriod Test day1 Andriod Tool Introduction

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About the definition of Android and what he doesn't want to know about Baidu itself. The main purpose of the blog is to review the day's study and document the learning process problems. There is no place to spray. After all, I am also a novice in the study and ask the great God to teach you a lot ...

I. Introduction of ANDRIOD Tools

1.AndroidSDK ( softwaredevelopment Kit) is simply the software development package


After download, include:

}eclipse+ ADT plugin (androiddeveloper tools) Android Development tools

}Android SDK Tools


}thelatest Android platform

}thelatest Android system Image for the emulator

2.SDKManager is primarily responsible for managing Android versions and API downloads

3.AVD Virtual Running Machine

4.ADB Bridge connecting the computer to the real machine

5.Monitor Surveillance Phone

6.monkeyrunner Automation Tools Goole comes with


Second, the installation of Android environment

1. Download the Android SDK


2. Download the JDK

3. Setting the SDK environment variables

Adding/tools and/platform-tools to system environment variables

Path =c:\windows\system32; C:\Windows; C:\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\; C:\Program Fijava\jdk1.7.0_17\jre\bin; F:\ADT-BUNDLES-X86_64-20130729\SDK; F:\adt-bundle-wi86_64-20130729\sdk\platform-tools; F:\ale-windows-x86_64-20130729\sdk\tools

Iii. AVD

1. Start the AVD

cmd--"into the SDK Tools directory-" Android AVD

Under normal circumstances, no Test43.

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Select AVD after adding click Start the selected AVD waits to start (Takes a little time) to start successfully as

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Andriod Test day1 Andriod Tool Introduction

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