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The recent project is not very busy, finally have time to write a blog, take advantage of these days with some of the new features of Android to write the leopard frame, first look at the picture, and before the original version do not know what people prefer.

A few days ago Devin to me opened a VPN, as Google brain residue powder, silently downloaded a variety of the latest tools, with my love for the material design, officially began to chew Google official website. The technology is never finished, actually two months ago, I have learned some material design, I have not had time to use, now that part of the content has been eliminated, discarded technology ...

Ok, this time to explain the use of the Navigationview, this is the Android Lolipop in the Android Design Support Library to bring the material design components launched, The components also contains floating labels for editing text, a floating action button, Snackbar, and tabs.

Google's explanation:

The navigation drawer can be a important focal point for identity and navigation within
Your app and consistency in the ' design ' can make a considerable difference in ' and ' Easy your ' app is to navigate, partic Ularly for the. Navigationview makes this easier by providing of the framework you are need for the navigation as as as as is the drawer to I Nflate your navigation items through a menu resource.

Previously, Drawertoolge+actionbar is standard, such as Google's own googleplay, and this time Google means navigationbar more easy to use, only need to fill the menu resources to achieve, Basically do not need to consider too much logic, Google has been actionbar and scrapped, using toolbar to replace, this side by the way of experience, this is also a bug in the past few days, is to pay attention to Google discarded things, to remain vigilant prepared, I used to think it was no big deal to waste an API, but in this latest update, Google scrapped an API for Apache, which makes the asynchronous request I'm using no longer available, and that day was lucky, Just read the official Google update to mention this waste API and solution, otherwise this bug is not possible to solve, because the problem is too new, direct search, the basic impossible to find a solution, can only change a way of request, This also makes me understand why Daniel is recommending Google to find the answer to the reason, the bug in Baidu to find estimates have to wait for a year or at all can not find.
To come to the side, using navigation needs to be paired with Drawerlayout.

Xmlns:android= "Http://"
xmlns:app= "Http://"
Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"
android:layout_height= "Match_parent"
Android:fitssystemwindows= "true" >
<!--your content layout-->
Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"
android:layout_height= "Match_parent"
Android:layout_gravity= "Start"
app:headerlayout= "@layout/drawer_header"
app:menu= "@menu/drawer"/>

The header layout is the same as normal XML, mainly written by Menu_drawer.
There are two main ways: 1, group within the Fill item 2, item can contain the word item

The following is an official Google example:

The simplest drawer menus would be a collection of checkable menu items:

<group android:checkablebehavior= "single" >
Android:id= "@+id/navigation_item_1"
Android:checked= "true"
android:icon= "@drawable/ic_android"
android:title= "@string/navigation_item_1"/>
Android:id= "@+id/navigation_item_2"
android:icon= "@drawable/ic_android"
android:title= "@string/navigation_item_2"/>
The checked item would appear highlighted in the navigation drawer ensuring the user knows which the item is navigation tly selected.

The selected item will automatically highlight the user.

Android:id= "@+id/navigation_subheader"
android:title= "@string/navigation_subheader" >
Android:id= "@+id/navigation_sub_item_1"
android:icon= "@drawable/ic_android"
android:title= "@string/navigation_sub_item_1"/>
Android:id= "@+id/navigation_sub_item_2"
android:icon= "@drawable/ic_android"
android:title= "@string/navigation_sub_item_2"/>


Onnavigationitemselectedlistener using Setnavigationitemselectedlistener (). This is provides with the MenuItem of that is clicked, allowing you to handle selection events, changed the checked status, Load new content, programmatically close to the drawer, or any of the other actions to your may want.
The Navigationview interface is well written. Set Setnavigationitemselectedlistener () of listening, passing parameters, will be passed to the onnavigationitemselected in the MenuItem to the user, in this way to achieve operation.

More content I will continue to organize the release later, as long as time allows, Google introduced new technology I will be the first time to learn and organize the release

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