Android G1 Bluetooth and wireless network, and APN Access Point settings

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Android G1 Bluetooth and wireless network, and APN Access Point settings

The Bluetooth of G1 now only supports Bluetooth headsets (supporting Bluetooth stereo). Like the new iPhone, G1 does not support Bluetooth data transmission and synchronization and can only wait for the system to upgrade.

G1 has powerful wireless connectivity. Currently, 54m is supported in the latest 5.0.2hr3 Rom.

Enable wireless and Bluetooth settings:

Set -- wireless network control -- WiFi, enter WiFi settings, press "menu" to scan the WiFi access point, click "advanced" to "manage domains", view the MAC address, and use a static IP address.

Set-Wireless Network Control-Bluetooth

About the APN access point:
The APN access point is actually used to set the GPRS access point. G1 supports WAP access, but special applications on G1, such as Gmail, Google Talk, there are also "maps" that need to be accessed through WIFI or net and do not support WAP. WAP Access Points can only browse some web pages.
Download the APN switch (you can disable the APN connection to save money and save traffic)
APN Access Point settings:

First: (surfing the Internet)
Name: CMCC
APN: cmwap
Port: 80
APN type: Default
Leave other Blank

Second: (MMS access)
APN: cmwap
Port: 80
MMS Proxy:
MMS port: 80
APN type: MMS
Leave other Blank

Third: (net surfing)
Name: cmnet
APN: cmnet
Leave other Blank

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