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Andro brush into ROM package method flow:

First, the identification of the ROM package is a card brush or a wire brush bag

Want to brush the first of course is to download a ROM package, then we should find out before downloading the brush bag is a wire brush or card brush package. Generally in the download when the author will be labeled ROM package is the use of wire brush or card brush mode.

1, Card brush bag (especially the third party card Brush ROM package)

Card Brush ROM package is generally a zip compressed file, open to see: Meta-inf, System these two files, so you can determine the ROM brush package is a card brush package.

2, Other brush machine bag (including official line brush ROM, official card brush ROM package)

In general, we should know the ROM download when the rom download how to use, so before ROM download should be clear its brush machine method, and then to download. General Official Brush package in order to distinguish and third party card brush packet difference, will use RAR compression method, but also a part of the use of ZIP compression format.

3, about the ROM packet pseudo encryption

We can see the following picture of the ROM package showing the encryption, in fact this is a card brush package. The author in order to prevent others to modify the ROM package, so camouflage encryption, in fact, no effect on the brush machine, normal brush.

Second, choose which tool to use to brush into the ROM package

When we figure out whether the ROM package is a wire brush or a card brush, we should think about how the ROM package should be brushed, here are some of the most common brush machine methods.

1, Brush Machine Wizard Brush (of course, you must brush the wizard to support your mobile phone model)

2, pure manual Brush Rom package method

Step Resolution: Root permissions-brushes The third party recovery-brush into the ROM package.

Third, other matters needing attention

In the brush machine when we should be clear ROM brush machine package for their own models, ROM packet is one by one of the corresponding mobile phone model, remember not to brush. In the process of brushing the machine should maintain adequate electricity, brush the machine before backing up their own data, individual models of brush before please back up the EFS baseband and other important information, lest the brush machine lost serial number, no signal, etc., before the brush machine into the recovery mode should first perform Shuangqing (double wipe) and then brush into the ROM package.

The line brush aspect should connect the USB data cable to the computer main box behind, in order to ensure the power supply is sufficient, before brushing the machine should ensure that the driver correctly installs can connect the handset normally.

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