[Announcement] Notice on launching the irrigation revolution for non-productive sisters

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Subject: [announcement] Notice on launching the irrigation revolution for non-productive sisters
Mailing station: BBS shuimu Tsinghua station (Sun Mar 6 02:03:31 2005), within the station

The beasts of England, the brokless sisters and animals of the Animal Farm:

The four legs are good and the two legs are bad. I am your leader and have grown up in this farm since childhood,
From an early age, I devoted myself to the revolution, and I was proud of Napoleon! Applaud !!!

I am here to report a bad news to everyone. We are an animal in the village of shuimu Tsinghua.
The estate has encountered unprecedented difficulties, and a small number of sisters and enemies are very worried.
Yan's vicious attack on shuimu Tsinghua village caused a server crash, data loss, and Layout
All the articles and posts in the essence area are destroyed.
The results are destroyed by the vicious enemy!

Animals! Animals! Aliware is the greatest animal, and the core party is at me,
Under the leadership of Napoleon, the public pig has caught out the enemy of our sister, which is hidden inside us.
This is a traitor and an insider who maliciously destroys our great estate business.
The legs of the creature, for a long time disguised as four legs of animals lurking inside the manor, break into none
Inside her sister-in-law, she is the most intimate comrade-in-arms of comrade-in-law and the creator of the Red Army. In fact
It is the master who maliciously attacked shuimu, Tsinghua, and the most reactionary enemy of my sister-in-law, Levi berry.

Animals! My sister-in-law *
The great power of the innocent sister animal has escaped to fantasy, where
Continue to remotely command traitors and special events against the vicious destruction of the sci-fi edition! Sffantasyclub is
Sister, the enemy is at the anti-attack base of the 3th online building! Cool sister animals! Polish your eyes!
Why are all sci-fi posts lost and why Chinese sci-fi has suffered enemies?
Vicious attacks and damages, why the west wind overwhelmed the east wind, International sisters and enemies
The name of fantasy, a vicious attack on the Fourth International Sci-Fi business, is very arrogant!
All of these are the most reactionary, most vicious, behind-the-scenes black-handed, big anti-mobile
, Big capitalist, planned by Lev berry stanin !!!

In order to clear all class enemies and protect the sci-fi business of the innocent sister, I am a public pig.
Lun now announced that it is necessary to make great efforts to mobilize the masses of nonproductive sisters.
To the end! We are determined to take out the departure of Lev sergidstanine and his special services to defend against none.
Production sister layout!

Animals! Science Fiction
The revolution is not a small but a great success! Sisters and enemies are in a hurry
Their decaying oppression rule must be destroyed by our nonproductive sister animals!
The revolutionary leader said that the sci-fi edition is the tomb of all la S! As long as we are closely together
Around the moderator, we will surely be able to liberate the whole water and wood, and then hit the United States to free the whole world
Sci-fi career !!!

Appendix: Regulations on the Implementation of the irrigation revolution for non-productive Sisters:

1. The big version is the smartest, the greatest, the most handsome, and the highest revolutionary leader!
In violation of the version, the decision is to maliciously attack the sci-fi version, that is, the sister and enemy Lev ·
Special service of berry destanine! Ban 14 days + 14 days. Run now !!

2. Any one of the three or more IDs is considered as an enemy of the sister, fantasy
Edition special service, banned for 14 days, immediately executed!

3. If three or more IDs are identified as mushui moyu
He has stirred up conflicts and maliciously framed the enemy of his sister. He has been banned for 14 days and immediately executed!

4. If three or more IDs of the anti-revolutionary group are recognized by the edas
14 days and 14 days. Run now!

5. Bigbench is the smartest, greatest, most handsome, and highest revolutionary leader,
It is a revolutionary compass that shines on the world and actively learns the big idea of the version,
It is a great magic weapon for building a revolution. From now on, every ID must repeat each article sooner or later.
Once, if there is no re, this article begins to fill the water, it is to take the white line, ban
7 days, penalty re this article one hundred times, immediate execution!

6. All sci-fi version ID must actively learn the idea of the big version, and publish the idea of the big version every day.
I would like to write an article. Otherwise, I would go through the white specialization route. "The version is the most wise,
The greatest, most handsome, and highest revolutionary leader is the compass that leads the revolution
, Red underpants that shine the world "one hundred times, banned for 14 days, immediately executed!

7. This notice takes effect from now on and is valid until the successful completion of the irrigation revolution for non-productive sisters,
Sci-fi edition restores data.


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