Announcement precursor: WIN10 MOBILE/PC First Anniversary update 14393.5 slow version push

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The WIN10 first anniversary update will be launched globally on September 30, and now Microsoft has pushed the 14393.5 version to the Windows Insider slow channel users, including Win10 Mobile and PC Edition, which basically means that this version is the upcoming official version, Slow version push is a precursor.

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According to insider user feedback, version 14393 is by far the most stable one-year-anniversary update, so let it be the official release to deserve it. There is no difference between the slow version and the Express version in the content, and the update information is as follows:

Improves the stability of Edge browser plugins

Fixed an issue where power consumption was abnormal when the device was idle, and fixed an issue where the distance sensor could not be turned off on some devices, causing the battery to drain abnormally

Fixed an issue that prevented apps from the cash Web Store from starting

Fixed an issue with Windows Update search results latency when the system is in networked Standby mode (Connected Standby)

Fixed an issue where a Korean IME was incorrectly positioned in some custom TSF3 edit controls in the Win10 desktop version of the system

Fixes an issue that requires a restart when entering or searching in apps from the store

Fixes an issue in which the keyboard does not rotate with Windows tablet in landscape mode

Users who have joined the Windows Insider Preview Experience Program, if you have a slow channel turned on, you can now go to settings to view the push situation and download the upgrade. Normal WINDOWS10 users can wait until September 28 to receive the update, or they can join insider now to wait for a faster push. win7/win8.1 users now have time to upgrade to Win10 free of charge, the deadline is September 30 17:59 Beijing time.

Release precursor: WIN10 MOBILE/PC First Anniversary update 14393.5 slow push

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