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My college life is coming soon, and I have another month to take the test. It means that I have graduated ......

I have been looking for a job during this time. I went to my house and had not done well after several days. I was exhausted when I came back.

The students are gone, and there are only a few people in the class. It's cool.

I have also participated in the job fair and have no counterpart work. I have applied for a sales company and have called to let the test end later. But there are still many concerns!

After studying computer for a few years, I just wanted to find a computer-related job. However, for many reasons, I had little hope of finding a software job. However, I gave up and thought it was a pity that the sunk cost was too high and the opportunity cost was too low! I have been hesitating for a few days and keep thinking about this issue...

In the evening, I took a train to a company in Xinyang and met a senior engineer. Oh, I met each other. When I was older than me, I became my senior teacher. The train was four hours late and talked a lot along the way. Shi Ge is from Henan Provincial People's Court of finance at level 06. He worked in the stock exchange and should have many contacts, so he is very talkative. I was deeply impressed by some words from Shi Ge.

1. Keep learning. While working, the teacher is busy taking the CPA Examination, and attending the wedding with books.

2. accumulate industry experience and continuously learn the knowledge of this industry in one industry. Shi Ge is working in securities and admitted to the CPA. As he sees the prospect of investment banking and is ready to develop towards investment banks, this process is very difficult!

3. Personal values can be improved to improve competitiveness. What is the difference between you and others? What Shi Ge said is right. You have the strength. Don't be optimistic about you. Thank you!

I have graduated from college by myself for many years and have made a profound speech. Thank you!

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