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This article has two purposes: first, the work of the archive (ask me where the students can come to the collar), and the second is to share some ideas of design experience to the new students who want to engage in this line. A lot of friends ask me questions, some of which are included in this article.

After all, after a long time some memory blurred, some questions to share but I did not think up, if there are questions can reply to the message.

During the period from 10 to 11, I was responsible for the Jeep's series of minisite designs (then in A4A), Flash nearly five years. It was the fiery period of the interactive website/flash website. As for how hot, think of the current UI industry on the line.

Consider the arrival of cool there are a lot of new students, here popularization. Minisite and microsite meaning is similar, namely small website, this kind of website distinguishes from offical site (brand official website). Brand Minisite is generally attributed to the offical site, belong to the offical site supplement. Then minisite is generally divided into two types, one is product minisite (Products Web site), one is Compagin minisite (activity website), there is also a combination of both.

Five years, like a fleeting.

Here in five years, I have served the Jeep, Dodge, Audi, Acura, Landrover, imported Volkswagen, MINI, BMW, Rolls-Royce and other brands. So, Jeep is actually my service of a car brand, but also my first contact with the car class minisite design.

It was the first time, to say the least, that I had no experience in automotive brand service. In other words, I read English in college, smoke English Department, English Literature direction, every day with Shakespeare Shelley deal with. After graduating two years of Flash programming, and then become an interactive designer. This is another story.

Wrangler Brand Strategy and I understand the difference, I originally thought that the Wrangler is going cross-country route, but not. That's why some friends wonder why a wrangler isn't a cross-country style. Maybe in the United States, but in China, off-road is just a niche market. Besides, a 50w car to go cross-country is purely fun, the general play cross-country is to take the Cherokee to rough. Because most people know Robin Hood is one of the most powerful off-road vehicles in the world, the Wrangler has started to play down off-road. In order to attract more audiences, the Wrangler walks up the personality route.

This is my first design of the Wrangler website, strictly speaking, this is not the first, some of the previous drafts have been deleted by me.

This website does not understand does not matter, in fact, it is such a play, the first will appear a variety of personality, the site will prompt you to choose one you think personality, when you choose the screen will be crushed, and then rushed out of a wrangler, the website will tell you that the Wrangler is the most personalized person.

The elements of the Web page I used the model and broken glass and other elements. Why is this so designed, because the glass represents an illusion of fragmentation (point of view), with the Wrangler to crush the old point of view. And not because the glass looks good. Be sure to express things visually clearly and then consider things that are not good-looking. This is the right way.

I have forgotten the above website for what reason not to be made. Then after a rethink, I did the following design. This site is supposed to be 360 degrees of black Crystal Mountain and the city of the conversion, but because the implementation of the problem stranded, so I only do half.

The project was carried out in the year, and there were guides. The guide is the city Suv,target audience mainly young people. We did a city adventure game based on app. But it was 2010, far from being staffed by an iphone, and app was so popular at the time that the number of people involved was probably not very high even if it was implemented.

The final line is this version:

A minisite from the original idea, to the layout design, and then to the production line, which has to go through a variety of problems, from the customer, team internal, their own, outsourcing teams. Every step of the way will cause the project to run aground.

Some of the new students often appear in a situation: for example, you have made a good thing that you think, because the above mentioned the middle link reason, by the customer or the inside shot, and then according to the customer idea said a version, you do not like so do not love to do, finished customers think is not what he imagined, so changed a few rounds, Until the line before the customer had no way to set a version. This is what they don't like, and the customers feel reluctant. This vicious cycle, in the longer term, you will feel that the design will not love again.

So one of the things I often mention is that being a good designer is not just about doing your job, it's about looking at the whole thing. Whether the vision can clarify idea, interaction and dynamic effects can be better implementation, team internal communication, how to effectively persuade customers, are to be considered.

In addition forgot, the Jeep has not finished, after a long long and long tug of battle, this site design became this way, since to the real scene, I can only try to make this scene to do a little better.

Finally there are some scattered things, I will not explain, put it up together.

Even today, when the UI design is so popular, the design of interactive advertising is not dead. But the industry tends to be stable and mature. The design of this thing, is to need most of the time to explore. And I was just exploring a little doorway.

So the students, talk about so much, do you want to talk with me in the late night to talk about design?

If you are interested in me, you can add my micro-signal, I will often share some of the high and low position of the long pose small picture.

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