Apache failed to start in Apmserv

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One solution:

Apache failed to start the solution ~ ~ ~ to the lower left-hand corner of the SSL hook, if you do not use the certificate, then remove that, anyway, I remove it. Later installed the certificate hook on the SSL can also be used.

Solution bis:

I encountered the same problem with the landlord, after the new Windows XP. It is normal to use WIN2000 before. Look at the previous people said that the SSL hook off the method, also can not solve. Later went to check Kabbah, also did not see what set the impact of the APM with a software conflict to resolve the function, the problem remains after implementation. Therefore, it is suspected that APM is located in the folder of the parent folder is Chinese, it has impact, delete the reconstruction, or not. Check Settings--management tools--options within the service, see that there is a telnet option is banned, this is remembered to install XP, worry about security issues, so the remote collaboration turned off, it is estimated that the function of Telnet to prohibit, so now quickly set it to manually open. Open Telnet, then start APMServ5.2.0, finally normal.

Solution III:

It is recommended that you do not load and unload frequently today when debugging add virtual host and virtual directory, suddenly found that restart apmserv have problems, always can not load Apache, feel very strange, because yesterday and solve the problem I thought. Look at the forum, there are suggestions that do not frequently restart Apmaerv, so uninstall, shutdown. After a while on the boot, first opened Apmserv, found normal. Also, the telnet that was set yesterday is not actually started manually at all. Draw a conclusion: 1. Yesterday's post is not accurate, although yesterday to adjust Telnet and start a normal relationship, but today does not matter, the reason is not clear; (Today the remote collaboration is open, may have relevance) 2. Apmserv frequent start and shutdown is not very good, easy to cause loading is not normal.

Solution Four:

Have you used the Chinese catalogue? A program cannot use the Chinese catalogue.

Solution of the Five:

You can try to set the PHP installation directory to the system environment variable or copy the DLLs you need to the System32.

Solution of the Six:

You can delete it completely, then extract it to D and try it (I don't know why, but I can't do it under either C or E).

* Unfortunately now I have the same problem, but this time no matter that way can not be solved ...

What should I do ah, look forward to the master bar. *

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