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Apple Watch the debut of the 12-inch MacBook, light thin, really can be called home travel, pick up the necessary x artifact, and there are space ash, silver and tyrants gold three-color optional, and finally changed the MacBook always monotonous color. However, if you are not fully accustomed to wireless life, then, buy 12-inch MacBook Accessories Raiders, presumably you will need.

Because the MacBook's fuselage has only one usb-c connector, want more jacks? Please buy peripheral accessories.

The new MacBook on the outside of a major innovation is to change mining usb-c port, a single interface to integrate the power supply, USB, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA functions, the USB-C port of course has its advantages (such as no longer pipe plug on the opposite side), But for the current use of the environment, is tantamount to forcing consumers to buy more money out of the joint, otherwise the consumer hand on the U disk, HDMI or VGA line is useless.

How to buy accessories to save the most money?

It all depends on everyone's use of the situation to buy a new MacBook when Apple will only attach a usb-c power cord and power adapter, below we list a few scenarios to help you choose the appropriate accessories.

1, not external perimeter, but to use a MacBook to help the iphone charge

This type of user may often move, like a freelance worker, who will not be able to connect to the mouse keyboard, or use HDMI or VGA, and occasionally use a USB drive, and will also take a MacBook to recharge the iphone.

It seems like you don't need any adapters, but you should also be equipped with a USB-C USB adapter, or you won't be able to connect to the iphone.

Cost: RMB 228 (Usb-c to USB adapter)

2, the Office projector uses the VGA line, wants to use the MacBook to add the traditional screen

Now a lot of office projector is still using VGA line, some people will choose to use a MacBook external large screen, but the thin type of pen electricity more than using VGA jack, this time need a usb-c turn VGA adapter.

Apple did not produce usb-c to the VGA adapter, but the direct introduction of the package: USB-CVGA multiple port adapter, one end is usb-c, the other end is Usb-c, VGA, USB3.1 connectors, so you can use the computer, connect the projector, for the computer charging, can also insert a U disk, but this adapter is not cheap, nearly 600 yuan.

Cost: RMB 588 (USB-CVGA multi-port connector)

3, want to use a MacBook external TV

Now the TV is equipped with HDMI holes, many computer screens have, MacBook Pro still has HDMI hole, but the MacBook Air is not, of course, the new MacBook appeal more frivolous will not have.

You want to experience a big screen with a MacBook or a newer projector that uses the HDMI line. As with the VGA adapter, Apple did not launch the usb-c to the HDMI adapter, but the "USB-C digital AV multiple connection adapter, as the same three wishes once satisfied: Usb-c, HDMI, USB3, 1, the same price as last.

Cost: RMB 588 (usb-c digital AV multi port connector)

4, at home to use HDMI, in the company to use VGA

Congratulations on the Apple Parts Gold list, because Apple doesn't produce usb-c to HDMI or VGA, so both need to be purchased, which will be the highest cost, unless you have a choice, or wait until the day when Apple comes up with a price cut.

Cost: RMB 588 x2=1176 (usb-c VGA multi-port connector, USB-C digital AV multiple port connector)

5, do not need to connect the iphone, do not need a projector, do not need a projector, do not need anything

If you have been accustomed to full cloud operations, do not need a U disk, hard disk, the iphone is also maintained in the best power, to upload data directly through icloud, AirDrop, do not need to pick up the computer, through the airplay, live a "wireless" life.

And congratulations, as long as you enjoy the new MacBook and enjoy the simple side design, you don't have to spend any money, you just have to make sure you don't really need these things.

Cost: RMB 0 yuan.

Hilling is a small series of dreams Ah!

If you match the price and accessories of a single machine, here are the money you may spend:

The lowest single plus USB adapter to 9576 yuan, the most expensive possible to 12464 yuan

Where to buy newmacbook in foreign countries is cheaper?

Apart from the price of accessories, of course, single price is also one of the main reasons for consideration, in order to close to Taiwan, where to buy it is cheaper?

The first place you should think about Japan is that the yen is falling now, and the new MacBook in 256GB is priced at 148,800 yen in Japan, and 512GB is 184,800 yen. Hong Kong and China, Hong Kong's 256GB pricing of HK $9,988, 512GB pricing of HK $11,988, China 256GB pricing 9,288 yuan, 512GB priced 11,288 yuan.

Seeing so many dazzling figures, where to buy is cheaper:

Hong Kong is a little cheaper, Japan is the most cost-effective, as for you in China to buy? O (∩_∩) o~

The spread between China and Japan or Hong Kong can buy just two triple-A-round adapters and find them.

In other words, one of Newmacbook's appeals is "wireless" life, all things through the icloud, AirDrop, airplay transmission, as long as the charge to use the good, but today's environment is not so allowed, before this, want to experience new The MacBook's users are only a lot more expensive.

Feel...... 12-inch MacBook advocated by the so-called wireless life, is actually urging everyone to buy Apple's cloud services?

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