Apple 2016 new MacBook Pro Open cover is powered on?

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in the new MacBook Pro release that just ended, Apple has some small features, such as a small change in the new MacBook Pro, hoping to weaken the power button.

In the shutdown state, when the lid is turned on, the new MacBook Pro will turn on automatically without having to press the power button.

This has to do with Apple's simple addiction, which is always linked to jobs, who are said to like the idea of a toaster. An extremely simple product, just a key, click on the work, finished, bounce no longer heating. Do not need to be heated before the power button and so on alone.

The idea affects a lot of Apple products, and the ipad is one of the most notable examples, with few people shutting down when they run out of the tablet computer.

Starting with OS X Mavericks system, Apple sets the power button short by default to Hibernate (Sleep). By now, most users are accustomed to putting a MacBook notebook together, so they don't have to worry about the power consumption during hibernation.

Today's new MacBook Pro still retains this function, just a step further, in the shutdown state, if you lift the lid, its logic is that you will use the computer, will automatically boot. Because the new flash memory is fast, the boot process is probably only about 10 seconds more than the standby wake-up call. As if it were a process of dormancy and awakening.

In the biography of Steve Jobs, a record might have something to do with it:

He admits that when he faces death, he may prefer to believe in an afterlife. He said, "Snap!" and then you'll be gone. He stopped again, indifferent smile. "Maybe that's why I never like to add a switch to Apple products," he said. ”

Of course, because the entity power key still exists (in the high-end version of the power button has been Touch ID in combination), forced reboot or something is still OK.

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