Apple 5s ios7.1.2 ringtones download and setup method? ios7.1.2 Ringtones Tutorial

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ios7.1.2 How to download ringtones?

1. You need to download a itools software First (click here to download). Then use the phone line to connect the phone. Click to open Itools software.

2. Choose---> Tools---> Make ringtones (Here the production, is the problem of cutting and setting), first need you to download the song to the computer (download your favorite songs to the computer, do not introduce).

3. Making ringtones (1)---> Selection file (2)---> select song (3)---> Open (4)
4. After the success of the import, you can first try to listen to the part you want to intercept. Start point "set start". End is set to end. And there are hints "SMS ringtones 25 Seconds". Caller ringtones 40 seconds. Can. (Note: The software automatically sets the length when you click the SMS ringtone or the caller's ringtone)
Note: If you download the ringtone time is already very short, you do not have to intercept the direct save can.
5. Save after the setup is complete, here is the direct use format (. m4r), please do not change.

iOS7.1.2 How to set the bell

1. Set the system with a relatively simple ringtone, on the main screen to find the "Settings" application, click to open

2. Find the "sound" column in the Settings list and click Enter

3. In the Sound Settings list, find the "Phone Ring" column, click to enter
4. Select the system built in ringtones

To download and set the ringtone outside the system:

1. Can search on the network and download free of charge. Connect the phone to the computer with the original data line
2. In the right pane to see a number of recommended ringtones, you can directly click on the right side of the ringtone "Download" icon. Of course, if it's not on the homepage
If you like the bell, you can also search in the top right corner of the search box to find what you want
3. Wait for the ringtone download, click on the left local resources under the "Media" section, you can see just download the new ringtones

4. Next we select the new ringtone that has just been downloaded, then click the "Import" button and then click on the IPhone option that appears

5. The bottom tip is to import a new ringtone into the IPhone

6. After waiting for a new ringtone to be imported into the iphone, follow the instructions above to set the system's built-in ringtones to open the iphone the ringtone selection interface. At this point you can see just downloaded from the Internet ringtone has appeared in the ring of the top of the list, click to select on it .

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