Apple Computer Update bootcamp prompt: Cannot find MSI source file How to do?

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At present, Apple Computer users can use the WIN10 system after installing the Win7 system and then upgrading to the WIN10 system. However, before using the WIN10 system, the Apple Computer's Bootcamp program also needs to be updated in order to use the WIN10 system properly. Some Apple computer users in the update bootcamp program, there are "cannot find MSI source file" error prompts, this time how to do?


Apple Computer update bootcamp prompt: Unable to find MSI source file reason analysis:

A new version of 6.0 can be installed after the user has completely uninstalled the Bootcamp old program under the win system. So the problem is that the update bootcamp is the process of removing the old version before installing the new version, and if you have cleaned up the system cache files, installed packages, and so on, you cannot delete the old version of the MSI source file without installing the previous versions.

Apple Computer update bootcamp prompt: Unable to find the MSI source file solution is as follows:

1, after the upgrade Win10 if you encounter the "Cannot find MSI source file" in the Update bootcamp 6.0 process and ask to manually point to the source file, download the previously installed version first.

2, in the Update bootcamp 6.0 in the process of manual point to the source file, in the "Browse" found in the old version of the download of the original BC folder in the Apple folder Bootcamp.msi installation program, click to select the problem can be successfully completed installation.

3, in the win system with software housekeeper Uninstall the old version of the BC Program and install the update seems to be possible, but the same uninstall needs to provide an old version of the installation source, in short, regardless of the uninstall or update, you need to install the old version of the MSI source can be updated to 6.0.

The above is the Apple Computer Win10 system update bootcamp hint "cannot find MSI source file" solution, from the version of the Bootcamp software interface to check the update bootcamp upgrade to the latest version, you can solve the problem.

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