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What should I do if the screen of Apple 5 s 5c is tilted and loose? What should I do if the screen of the iphone 5c I just bought is loose? IPhone 5c 5S screen tilted problem description, has been released by the screen loose sound of the solution
If you are using Guo Xing's 5c and 5s, please skip this post. You can go to the after-sales service. This article is suitable for Machine friends with strong hands-on ability.


[Status description]

1. The 5c and 5s screens are tilted up and the screens are loose. Most of them are loose on the left or right sides of the screen, which may be caused by over-squeeze or falling, it may also be that the installation is not in place.


2. For 5c and 5s screens, the screen is not actually tilted. In fact, the screen and the clip of the back shell are loose. In this case, do not press the screen any more, either manually or for repair.


[Note when adjusting]



1. Tools must be used to open the screen. Dedicated screwdrivers and suction cups are essential. Try not to use a stick. If your hand is clever enough, use your fingernails as a stick to slowly pin the screen. Never be hard, because there is a large plastic fastener on the top of the screen.
2. Be careful when adjusting the buckle. Do not press too much. Slow adjustment. Otherwise, the deformation will be serious and the system will not be able to recover.
3. Correctly install the screen, press both sides of the screen at the same time, and then screw on the screen (remember not to press on the top of the screen, but press on the side), not to sum up there is a wood error,
4. Do not mount the screws after adjustment. Wait a while to see if the screws will be lifted again. Avoid removing the screws as much as possible. This is considered by China's Travel staff. In case of other problems. Warranty, you can also spoof the after-sales service with dust in the middle.
5. Do not use too many screen-opening cups. You must combine your nails and WAF to open the screen gently. It is best to watch the split 5 video. And then start.


Other methods:
After opening it, if you decide that the card is almost impossible, you will be afraid to move the screen. It is best to put the paper directly when you pad a bit of toilet paper along the button on the screen, in this case, when the screen is fully buckled, the paper will be completely covered in it ~~


Last .. I am not responsible for the consequences caused by the dismounting. If you have no absolute confidence in yourself... I forgot what I said. Never split your cell phone

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