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As the first to use the cloud backup settings of the Apple phone, icloud cloud backup There are many people did not understand, do not know icloud specific function is what, so small set to the popular science, icloud role, I hope to first use the iphone friends have some help. One, what is icloud cloud backup

icloud is a cloud backup service provided by Apple, and each user gets 5GB of storage space when using the iphone to open icloud. Users can store mobile phone address Book, SMS, photos and other data in this space.

So how do you use icloud to back up your phone data? The method is as follows. Second, how to use icloud backup data

Open the phone settings, found in the setting "ICloud", Light point "iCloud";

Find "Backup" in the icloud interface, and light "backup". After entering the backup interface, turn on "icloud Cloud Backup" (automatic backup) and click "Back Up Now" (manual backup); The backup phone also needs to be available in WiFi.

After the backup is complete, you can view it in icloud "Manage storage space." Iii. How to recover data from a icloud backup

To recover data from a icloud backup, you need to delete all the contents of the mobile phone before you can make a backup of the data.

First of all, in the mobile phone settings to select the General Options "Restore", click "Erase All content and Settings", and then restart the phone;

After the phone restarts, in the application and Data window that appears, tap "Restore from icloud Cloud backup." Then enter the icloud account and select the backup data, after a little recovery, wait.

Four, no backup how to recover mobile data

It is the so-called, the sky is unpredictable. Just as the weather can never be sunny, mobile data is not guaranteed to be lost. When the phone data is lost, there is no backup required to use professional data recovery software to restore the phone data. For example, through the "Powerful Apple Restore Wizard" to restore the mobile phone data.

Just download the latest itunes software and the powerful Apple Restore Wizard to retrieve the phone data, as follows:

Run the powerful Apple Restore Wizard, connect your phone to your computer, and click "Start restoring Data from the iphone";

After waiting for the phone data to be backed up to itunes, the software starts scanning the phone. After the scan is complete, you can select the data that needs to be recovered and click "Export Selected Records".

The above is about the Apple mobile phone icloud information, hope to help the needs of friends.

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