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Method one, photo stream or ICloud photo Gallery

In the present, the use of mobile phone to take photos anywhere, has become one of the habit of using mobile phones. A long time, natural on the phone will store more and more photos.

If you currently open the "photo stream or ICloud picture library" in the ICloud service, it will upload the current phone photos to the ICloud cloud via wireless, and it will also store an identical copy on the phone, which adds to the IPhone's storage pressure.

While the photo stream or ICloud picture library is all in sync with the iphone, it's an experience-optimized process, but personal advice is to turn it off and save some storage space for the iphone.

As shown in the picture, the individual currently does not have the option to open a photo stream or picture library, which can be checked in "set-icloud-photos."

If the photo is really important, you can keep the precious photos back to your computer regularly. If the current space is really tight, the computer back to the computer, then delete some photos, make room.

Method Two, clean up the third party application software cache

Social communication application software has always been a favorite, such as micro-mail, QQ, such as software, the software itself occupies a small space, but when we use a long time, the software cache a variety of data stack up more.

We can look at the size of the software's cached data in the system, turn on the set-general-usage-storage management option, and then you can see it. As shown in the picture, the individual's current micro-letter occupies a total of more than 700 m space.

After you find out what space-consuming software is, here, for example, in the "set-general-clean micro-storage space", with the software itself with the removal function.

As shown in the following illustration, the space of more than 200 m is currently cleared, and if you want to clean up more space, click the "View micro-storage Space" button to continue.

Then you can choose to clear the chat record, which is generally more active micro-group consumption of space is relatively large, can be based on their own situation to select the records to be erased.

This is just a micro-letter example, for other Third-party software, but also in the same way, using the software itself to clean up some useless cached data.


Turning on the set-> universal-> usage, it is easy to see who occupies most of the storage space in iOS 7, which shows which items occupy the storage space and what the most space-consuming items are.

Click on the button on the right of the list to see the details of these applications and you will find a button to delete the application. Remove apps that are rarely used or don't want to be reused.

  Photo and camera

This list shows how much space is occupied by camera film, photo gallery, and photo streams, but cannot be deleted individually. The quickest way to delete a photo is to connect to itunes, import a photo, and then delete it. It helps to ease the lack of storage space on the iphone.

  Movies and television programs

Click on the video to see a list shown in the picture on the left of the following figure. Click on the Edit button in the upper right corner, the red delete button will appear, you can delete some unwanted video and TV.

  Delete Other Items

Typically, one of the most space-consuming categories here is "other", which includes caching, backups, partial downloads, and some data from iOS 7 built-in applications, such as text messages and e-mail. To solve the iphone's lack of storage space, you can try to clean up this part of the unnecessary content.

  deletes the Web browser cache . The phone stores the Web page in memory so that it can be faster the next time it is accessed. If your iphone has been going on for a while, these caches will add up and take up a lot of space. You need to open the settings, click the Safari button, and click to erase history and erase cookies and data.

   Delete SMS . You can delete a message individually, or you can delete the entire conversation. Usually some of the text messages will contain pictures, audio or video files, after deletion will also reclaim part of the space.
   Deletes an e-mail attachment . Usually downloading an e-mail file takes up a lot of space, and the solution to this problem is to delete the email account by setting up-> Mail, Address Book, Calendar->icloud, and then scrolling down to the end, click Delete Account. In this process, you will clear all attachment files and message caches that you have downloaded and opened. When you add the account again, these files can still be downloaded whenever you need them. (This method applies to most account types except POP3 accounts).

deletes voice memos, music files, and E-books . Audio files and E-books can also occupy a lot of space. You also consider deleting these files, respectively, in voice memos, ibook, and music applications.

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