Apple iphone 6s Plus press home key How to handle the abnormal sound

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Recently, there are many Apple orchard partners to small knitting reaction a brand new iphone 6s Plus use in less than one months will appear to loosen or press the home key type of abnormal sound, however, on the hardware problem small series here really can't use the thinking of the software to solve the problem, this is not, recently, some netizens exposed the use of the iphone 6s Plus fuselage dismantling method to deal with, so the Apple Park Small series here suggest that the user must be considered before processing, or to the repair point to investigate and resolve!

1. Tools to be used in dismantling machines: screwdrivers and suction cups are essential. Because the IPhone 6s Plus Edge has the glue, if has the electric roasting opportunity to be more perfect, avoids dismantling the machine when destroys the original glue the position.

2. Place the sucker in the lower left corner of the cell phone and pull it up hard.

3. Where the gap occurs, plug in any pointed and flat front, and then tilt the screen up. Note: You must not use metal cards, because the mobile phone's border is aluminum, hardness is soft, with metal cards may leave a mark.

4. Screen open angle not more than 90 degrees, and then find a rubber material in the middle of the screen and bottom.

5. Unscrew the two screws and take down the iron sheet. Now see this thing is called "Return key Iron piece", this return key iron piece should be 6s this generation machine proprietary hardware.

6. From the figure we can see that the original piece of Iron cross section is relatively smooth, online purchase is relatively rough, but does not affect. The key is to return the small dots above the key iron. Because the online purchase of the dots and the iron sheet height is too close, so there will be no response to the edge of the home key phenomenon. Put the original small wafer on the online purchase of iron, you can solve the home key edge no response problem.

The photo of the original small round piece and the iron piece bought online

7. After replacing the return key iron piece, will dismantle the screws to install well, all in the original order.
8. When installing the screen, must press down from the upper part of the handset first, then 1.1 point of the downward section presses, the most right two five-pointed pentagram screws do not twist too tightly, otherwise easy to wring bad.
After the 8 steps above, his iPhone 6s Plus has been reinstalled for one weeks now, and there has never been a single click in the Home button. However, he is still not sure whether the specific problem is in the small circle or return to the key iron sheet, because he did not specifically measure the original iron sheet and online buy the thickness of the iron sheet.
Finally, the user can click here to enter the original post, to see more detailed operation information, small series need to remind again have plans to dismantle the machine friend, dismantle the machine has the risk, the hand should be cautious.

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