Apple iphone5s phone headset How to use? iphone5s Headset Tips

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Control music playback with headphone cable

1, the main function of a few keys, but also we commonly used include the volume Plus, play/pause keys, volume reduction keys,

2, all the volume on the Apple phone can be controlled by the volume key above, including the addition and subtraction in the control and the next to the Apple phone volume plus and minus is the same effect, as follows.

3, click the Headphone line control function key Groove key, you can control the song playback and pause, as shown in the picture

4, located in the middle of the line control play/Pause key, in addition to the control of music playback and pause, but also can cut songs. Press two consecutive times is cut to the next, three consecutive times is cut to the previous song.

Photo function

1, can also use the iphone headset to take photos, such as we are taking photos as long as the volume plus subtraction button can be achieved.

Answering phone functions

1, of course, can also use it to answer the phone, this we call just click on the headset on the "Play/pause" can answer the phone oh, simple.

2, hang up the phone is also simple as long as the "Play/pause button" can be.

Headset Controls Siri function

1, Siri function we can also through the headset to control me as long as the 3-second "Play/pause" button can start the Siri function.

2. When you want to continue the dialogue with Siri, you only need to hold down the play/pause button for more than 3 seconds.

Wow, there are a lot of functions ah here we grope for it, the main features are introduced to some of the other small functions will not be introduced.

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